Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Other Half of the Female Population

While us women in developed countries battle back and forth over the internet in the proclaimed mommy wars or in our little cliques at work or the playground, there is a whole different battle going on for about half the other female population in this world. In third world countries women and girls, ages similar to our own young daughters, are denied an education, choice in even who they'll marry or even ownership of their own bodies. Many lose their lives in childbirth and due to a lack of healthcare. When they survive the birth of their children, high numbers of their children die before age 5.

My husband often recognizes me as a feminist with my vocalized views on the woman today and what I want for the daughters I am raising. However, as important as equal pay, breaking down gender stereotypes for men and women, and breaking through the class ceiling as leaders just as capable as our male counterparts is today, as women who experience a better equal world for women today than our grandmothers and great grandmothers half a century to a century ago, I think it's important that we don't forget half the female population of the world is still struggling for those same rights and opportunities we now maybe take for granted. The following sites all showcase this struggle : Days for Girls ; Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide; Women for Women; Campaign for Female Education .

Change is always on the horizon. It's easy to forget about the change that needs to take place when it doesn't have much impact on us personally. Every now and then things like this catch my attention and I hope my faithful readers take a moment to at least check out some of the additional reading material on this issue I have above.

I haven't focused on promoting a cause since Christmas but those of  you that have been around here long enough know that I have particular causes that I interest me and that I like to use what little, very little, income I make from my writing to donate to these causes. Last summer I promoted a childhood cancer foundation from my hometown and made a donation with my book sales at the end of the summer. At Christmas, my friend Jess and I used our hobby income, my writing for me again, to adopt a few lower income children to buy gifts for so they'd have presents Christmas morning. Christmas is a long time to go without finding a cause I can promote and donate to so my goal for the rest of this summer is to help raise awareness for underprivileged women worldwide, particulary those in third world countries. I"ll pick the exact organization I'll donate to at the end of the summer because I'm sure I'll read about more between now and then.

That also means though that  I have to promote how I make money from my writing in order to generate some sale dollars to donate, and I haven't pushed my ads or book on here in awhile. This actually a great time to do that because two of the companies I run ads for on this site are things you need this time of the year. Shutterfly is one of the affiliate companies I work with and they are a great place to print your summer vacation photos. With school around the corner Janie and Jack, Gymboree, and Crazy 8 are all great places to do your online school clothes shopping. I have an affiliated partnership with all three of these. For any that are unfamiliar with how affiliate marketing works, when you click on either the links in this post or the ads that run alongside any post and place an order I make a small commission. It's the commission from these sales between now and Aug 31 that I plan to donate to an organization that benefits women.

There is also always my book, Moms, Monsters, Media & Margaritas you could purchase if you don't have your copy yet or it makes a great shower gift for the mom to be or other gift occasions. There is also an  Amazon ebook copy for $2.99.

So if you're still reading now thanks for checking out this post. If you're a regular reader I hope you consider some way to contribute to my hopeful donation for the end of the summer. For any of my female readers that have their own small supplement income business selling beauty products, cooking ware, cleaning products, fitness and health products, home décor or fragrance products let me know if you're interested in contributing any summer sale $$ to the cause and I will link your business page on the blog. Thanks, ladies. As always love and take care of one another.


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