Monday, July 27, 2015

The Honey Do List

"What?  You mean I'm suppose to do it the first time you ask? Here all this time I thought there was this unspoken rule that it really didn't need to be done until it was stated at least half a dozen times," I teased.

Oh, yes, I'm referring to the wonderful "honey do list". I'm a little bit of a nut if you haven't figured that out yet. I have juggled a lot probably since I was a student athlete with a part time job. Along with the juggling act has come my love for sticky notes. I could seriously kiss whoever invented those. Best invention EVER! Seriously I don't know how I would function without. No, I do not literally hand my husband a list of to do s every week or every day. I just verbally remind him what I need him to take care of. I remind him frequently. Like every day. Depending on if it's the sixth day or so maybe every hour. I'm pretty sure sometimes he stalls on purpose to just drive me crazy.

He likes to tell me he's going to give me a honey do list since I'm always verbally giving him one. Of course I inform him I give myself a to do list for pretty much every day; that I write his honey do list for me down for him. I don't need his reminder because I remind myself enough as it is. I have one at the beginning of every month then I chunk it down to what I need to get done each week. If it's a crazy stressful week it's chunked down again to what needs to be done each day. (Nut, remember?)

So the other day he wanted to me clean up our old stove so he could show it to someone that was interested in buying it. He even wrote it down on this honey do list he created for me before he left for work (he never leaves me to do list. Guess he thought he'd go for the smart ass award for the day). I of coarse couldn't resist the temptation to ignore it, be a smart ass right back,  and let him know I thought the rule of the honey do list was to see how long you could ignore it until the other person either did it or got mad.

In the end we ended up cleaning it together but  is there some unspoken rule about ignoring the honey do list for a specific amount of time before taking it seriously. Maybe I missed it in the marriage manual.

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