Friday, May 25, 2012

A few late confessions and happy moments

Life has been busy. So busy in fact that I’ve been wanting to do the midweek confessions that my two friends from work started doing, except Wednesday keeps passing me by. So I’ll just do some end of the week confessions in general. So here goes….
-          I brought home toilet paper from work. A student brought in toilet paper instead of Kleenexes last quarter for extra credit. He was a senior and needed the extra points so I gave him the credit and then a few days ago I didn’t feel like stopping at the store on the way home so I brought home toilet paper home for us to use.
-          Sometimes I stay out in my trailer a little longer after the end of the work day because between my students, my coworkers-who are fabulous by the way, and my own children-who I love immensely, it might be the only peace and quiet I get to myself for the day
-          Our house is almost ready to put up on the market and because there are many reasons we want to move I hope it sells quickly, but for several other reasons, including what a huge pain in the ass process it is going to be once it does sell, I kind of hope it doesn’t sell very fast but either way I am so glad it’s almost ready and I plan on enjoying whatever time we have left in it before the stress of moving begins whenever that will be.
-          I let Averi play with her sister in the crib even though Daddy tells her not to do that. They’re safe in there and she’s light and they have so much fun together but I haven't told him that I let her do it so shhhh.
-          I hate Calilou. I think that kid is so whiny. I make fun of how the “wonder pets” talk too.
-          I hate washing dishes ( we don’t have a dishwasher), I hate putting the laundry away (I do love folding little girl clothes though)
-    sometimes I really miss my sisters and wish I didn't live so far away
-    I just totally indulged in eating a bunch of brownie batter after trying to lose a few pounds the last two weeks
The girls are doing great. I love watching the two of them together. If ever I’m down about things I just think about all the great things to come, watching the two of them grow up together. We had a scare about a week and half ago with Averi. She was bit by a tick and developed the bull eye rash that indicates lyme disease. We took her to the doctor who confirmed it was lyme disease, but because we got her to the doctor for an intense antibiotic treatment so quickly after the tick bite, she should be fine and not suffer from any complications from the disease. There is not much known about the disease, but as the news cover story showed the other night due to our mild winter the tick population is large, increasing the risk of the disease this summer so please check your children, parents. Research seems to say that as long as someone is treated quickly and thoroughly with antibiotics they are expected to have a full recovery and not suffer any further complications later down the road. We were extremely lucky that she developed the rash in the first place because otherwise, the other early symptoms of the disease are flu like symptoms that most people don’t go to the doctor to check out. Early on, lyme disease test come back negative, so usually it isn’t until people develop the nervous system or arthritis symptoms that they are diagnosed with lyme disease. To my understanding it can still be treated then, but some of those further complications are rather scary and debilitating. She’s only three and has so much in front of her so we are extremely blessed (God does work in mysterious ways) to have had such an early warning sign and to know what we needed to do to get her treated.
Kenzi is a rolling fool with two little bottom teeth that she proudly tries to show off with her smile. At almost seven months she gets to wherever she wants by rolling across the room. She still hasn't sat up yet, which I kind of wish she would do soon. Averi was crawling by this time, but I am more than happy to let my baby be a baby a little longer before she gets too mobile. Averi has one speed-super fast so this much slower pace suits me. But at the same time, it's at times like yesterday and today when Averi's playing in the sprinkler that I keep thinking of how in a year they'll be able to run through it together. I love that she's become such a happier, more active babyand now that her little personality is starting to show, I'm so excited to watch the two of them grow up together and form that special sisterly bond that I love and miss so much with my own sisters.
I often let myself get overstressed and I think my husband can usually figured out when I’ve started letting everything weigh me down, and at the moment I am in one of those moments where I feel like everything is great and perfect. The house is almost ready, the school year is winding down, our money for the first time since my car left us broke down two years ago is in okay shape, and besides the same old daily chores I feel that I finally have a chance to just focus on my girls and not much else, which I’m sure is the contributor to my excessive cheeriness of late. Sometimes I think I have a mood disorder of some kind or maybe I’m just a typical woman but whatever the reason behind my crazy mood swings of happiness and moments of depression, I will gladly take and enjoy this moment of things on the upswing and make the most of it with a chance to spend time my girls. Nine more work days left in the school year and then we're going to spend some much needed quality family time together.

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