Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Countdown until some much needed Mommy time

I know I mentioned the guilt that comes at times with being a working mom, and at this point in the school year it gets to be quite overwhelming. I feel rushed in the evenings to rock the baby quickly and put her to bed even though some nights I do stall and stare at her a little longer or sing her songs I don't really know the words to. But eventually I give in to the nagging voice in my head telling me I still have dishes to clean up and it's past eight, laundry to fold or throw in the wash, and myself to get bathed and in bed at a decent time so I don't come home at 330 ready for a nap. And poor Ave; she's so ready for some Mommy and Daddy time. She's at the age now where she can tell you, "Come play soccer with me, Mommy." or "Sit on the porch with me, Mom." And even though we manage to usually squeeze a little bit of those wants in in the evening, I'm always glad her and Bettis play so well together. Whenever I'm busy trying to take care of her sister or something around the house, I can always count on Bettis to chase her around the house or play catch with her in the backyard. I just always feel so rushed right now and hate that when I am catching those moments with them in the evenings, I'm can't get that damn to do list out of my head. I really don't know how working moms that work all year round Mon-Fri 8-5 everyday do it. I always have this two and half month break to look forward to that allows me a small window to be a stay at home mom. If I didn't have that break, that light at the end of the tunnel, those precious few months every year to spend with my kids, free of the obligations of my career. I have seventeen more working days and then I am going to spend every day hanging out with my girls swimming, playing soccer, having picnics, play dates, going to the park, and of course traveling to see all our family we don't get to see very often. It's just seventeen days right now feels like sixteen too many.

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