Sunday, November 10, 2013

It's just been another weekend in Paradise

Well the weekend didn't exactly go as planned. That's parenthood, right? Or better yet life. I'm a planner. I don't know why because most of the time things never go the way I plan so what's the point in planning it out. Luckily, I have a sense of humor and will usually have a good laugh at my own expense. It just sometimes that day is not today.

Friday night we were suppose to have a date night. We were going to go out to dinner without the kids, which is a huge luxury for us. Not only do we not have any family to call on to watch the girls so we maybe get three meals a year without the craziness of children in attendance but by the time we pay for a sitter it feels like there's not much money left to actually go out and do anything. But I planned it out with sitter money and dinner and movie money. Unfortunately, our sitter has a chronic illness and had a flare up that day so it was takeout and guitar playing in the basement.

On the plus side because someone was coming over I thought, I had picked up all the clutter from the discarded clothes on the floor, the blanket forts in the living room, the pile of dirty dishes, and whatever other mess usually results throughout the week. My plan for Saturday was to do an hour of quick cleaning with just mopping the floors and cleaning the bathrooms, get my laundry folded and organized instead of on a pile on the couch, and get our errands done all by the time Nate would be home from class so we'd have the afternoon and the rest of the weekend for whatever. But after I cleaned the house and was ready to start on organizing the laundry, I realized I heard running water. Lots of running water. I headed towards our back storage room and before I even opened the door I knew it was bad because the carpet was starting to get wet as I approached the door. Sure enough, I opened it to about an inch of standing water and more just gushing out of the well pump. As the water was coming into the house from the well outside instead of going into our pipes it was just pouring all over our basement floor. This is aggravating enough but since this was our third-THIRD-flood in eleven days I was a little defeated. Long story short, the plummer told us he'd come out and replace the well pump today (Saturday) for $900. So goodbye Christmas right there. This would have been on top of the $300 Lowes wanted to charge us a few days before for replacing the hot water tank-flood number 2-so again we said we'd call back. My poor but awesome husband ended up fixing it on his own just like he did with the hot water tank and the busted pipe in the laundry room, as well as the air conditioner that he fixed in the dead heat of the summer. In what could have been a $1000-$2000 in house repairs this past week and half my husband spent about $250 and fixed everything himself. Thank God for handy men and that one of them is mine.

So because that was our Saturday we decided to make up for our lost dinner date by using that money to go out to dinner as a family. Luckily it was an awesome meal, especially since bringing the two girls added $20 to our bill! Now I remember why with kids our eat out nights are pizza and drive thru these days. Poor Nate ordered this awesome fish and Kenz kept wanting to eat his meal so I'm not even sure how much he got to eat, but I got myself a Maryland crab cake.

After two weekends of cleaning up flooded waters and spending a day making repairs, I am praying and crossing my fingers this is the last of our disasters for awhile. Has it all been a pain? Has it been stressful? Yes. We've both been so busy this past fall with me teaching the extra class and Nate finishing his grad courses that we were really looking forward to these last two weekends with no plans as a chance to catch our breath but as we have busy weekends picking up again next weekend, it looks like we'll be waiting for Dec now for that. With Christmas December isn't exactly a slow month. Guess there's always January. But there are always way worse problems in the world to have than this so really it was just another week in paradise with crying kids, barking dogs, self possessed car alarms going off repeatedly (that happened in the middle of my work day this week too) blanket forts covering the living room, overflowing water, broken appliances, dishes from nights ago is still covering the counter, laundry piles covering the furniture. Hope you had a great weekend :)

                               Even in the crazy, there are moments that make it all worth it.
                     I love this picture of my daughter and husband playing guitar and singing together.

                  This was our bed. So much for after date time. Haha!. Notice the life size baby doll.
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