Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thankful Post Round 2

So I'm awful. I've been working on this post for about a week which is why it's the 21st day of the month and I am now a full 7 days behind on my thankfuls. So here we go with round 2 of my thankfuls.

Thankful #8: Our dog, Bettis. He is nine years old today. Nate got him for our first Christmas so he has pretty much been with Nate and I since the beginning. His health has not been the greatest for about the last six months so I'm hoping this isn't our last celebrated birthday with him :( .

Thankful #9: I realized tonight I only have three more classes with my college freshmen class. Even though I took on teaching the class for some Christmas money and resume building, I have really truly LOVED teaching the class. It was such an awesome reminder of what I enjoy about teaching. So even though it definitely helped with the Christmas funds the enjoyment it gave back to me for a profession I was worried I was losing my passion for was really probably the biggest reward of taking on the extra hours and commitment these past three months.

Thankful #10: Home. I can't even begin to express how excited I am about going home in just four weeks. I haven't been home in almost a year, and the homesickness I've experienced in the last year really surprised me. It's crazy how you're in such a hurry to grow up and move on, but then you hit points later down the road where you really just want to go home to the people that  truly know and understand you and love you for all your good and crazy. Sometimes even though we're independent, grown people there's just something about the comfort of home that no other place can replace. So four weeks and I'm coming home!!!

Thankful #11: Modern day medicine and medical technologies.  I recently wrote about my aunt facing breast cancer. She had surgery on Monday for it and today her pathology reports came back negative, meaning they did not find anymore cancer!!! They caught it early and now it's just the road to recovery. Again, thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers.

Thankful #12: Health and wellbeing:  This is something I truly thank God for everyday. There are lots of stresses in life, but I can't imagine anything being more stressful than the worry and stress of your own and someone you love's health. The few times I've dealt with health scares with family, I know how the anxiety can just make you sick to your stomach, you can't sleep, the worry is consuming. A healthy and safe family is definitely something to thank God for everyday.

Thankful #13: My job and the people I work with.  As we all know in this tough economy they're not as easy to come by as they use to be. Last year was the worse year I ever had. I reached a point where I was just absolutely sick of being treated like scum on the bottom of someone's shoe. I told a co worker I felt like what it was doing to me mentally was probably similar to the beating one's self esteem and confidence takes when in a toxic relationship (I don't have much experience with that so who knows). I've always enjoyed working, but last year's experience was a red flag to me. This year is going better so for that too I am incredibly grateful for that because I wouldn't have handled a second year like that well at all.

Thankful #14: Time to get started on the people. The first people are going to be our friends, Dave and Jess. We've made some great friends out here but these two truly are like family. We, especially Averi, adores their little boy, Benjamin, and we can't wait to meet their little girl later this spring. They are seriously some of the most caring, generous people we know.

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