Thursday, July 17, 2014

To Be a Child

To Be a Child


It’s the toddler laughter of delight
It’s the excitement of seeing mom or dad walk in the door
It’s the tears as soon as something doesn’t go their way
It’s an innocence of the world
It’s a sense of security that the world is safe
It’s  jumping up to dance like no one is watching
It’s running through the rain, drenched to the bone


When I look at you I delight in the childhood innocence I see
I see a child who is free
A child who knows nothing but love
A child who still believes in not only fairies and magic but in the good of our world


When I look at you I see a child
Who with her smile can make any day better
I see a child who throws her head back in such simple child delight
I see a child who only knows happiness and a desire to make those around her happy
I see a child confident to be who she is, unscathed by the judgments of the world 

To be a child
is innocence
is purity
is a moment gone too fast

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  1. I love this! To be a child, see the world through a child's eyes...isn't it great?

  2. Beautiful post! You're right - they grow up so fast. Your daughters are beautiful :)

  3. Beautiful words and pictures, Angela! They both brought a huge smile to my face this morning. Your daughters are so precious!

  4. Oh to be a child again...Angela, this was such a beautiful post. If only they would stay small forever. :)