Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Conceding to Christmas after Halloween

I was never a start the Christmas festivities before Thanksgiving kind of person, but after the last few years I'm throwing in the towel this year and surrendering to the craziness.  Christmas the last couple years has stressed me out so much I'll be honest aside from the traveling to see family and enjoying seeing the girls' excitement it's been one of my least favorite holidays. The stress of saving for Christmas right after exhausting our savings for the summer has kind of killed my holiday spirit.

If this refinance we're waiting on to go through underwriting doesn't go through soon I'm going to be stressing about the Christmas expense again especially after spending $1500 to get the heat in both houses running again, but I'm trying to work on not stressing about things I need to patient about and haven't even happened yet. But aside from that this is also the year I go home to Missouri for Christmas and some of my mom's family will be headed there as well so I tend to catch the holiday spirit a little earlier.

Besides the expense of Christmas, the to do list to tackle just in the few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas is kind of overwhelming sometimes. In the next six weeks between now and Christmas we are traveling three times with a trip to each of our families and a special holiday trip to New Jersey with a group of friends of ours. That doesn't leave a whole lot of time for Christmas shopping, wrapping, decorating, baking, addressing holiday cards, on top of the two Christmas parties we have on the only two weekends we're home in between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I want to enjoy all the holiday cheer with parties, the music, the tree lightings, the Christmas tree farm, and of course time with family and friends. So my goal is to actually have my shopping completed by Dec 1, and as of tonight I have my Christmas village and snowmen set up, leaving us just the tree to decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving.

I never really understood the crazy fuss about getting ready for Christmas before Thanksgiving. Again, it's just another one of those things where it's just personal choice so what does it matter. Whether it's a year I do or don't decide to jump on the Christmas before Thanksgiving bandwagon, it doesn't change the fact that we will still celebrate Thanksgiving or make Thanksgiving any less of a holiday.

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  1. We don't have that problem here is Australia as Thanks Giving is not a holiday we celebrate. However I have two kids birthdays before Christmas which now makes this year very crazy. Keep an eye of our blog for a look of what I have planned :)