Sunday, November 15, 2015


To My Baby Girl,

I can't believe it's already been four years since we first met. It may have been a rocky start with the two of us spending too much of our time crying together, but look at us now. We're like two peas in a pod. Not only do you have my crazy unruly hair and hazel eyes but you are a mini me through and through with your personality.

Whereas sometimes people of the same personalities don't get along our similarities have made you quite the mommy's girl, which I love. People like you and me and your Aunt Te are quick to react with our emotions. Just as I had your Aunt Kel as my voice of reason, my place to seek for calm, I like to think I'm that for you. When your emotions are sparked whether it's anger or tears you immediately gravitate towards me, even if I'm the cause. I'm sure as we enter the teenage years our bond will be tested because just as you have my high emotional tendencies you also have my stubborn streak so I'm sure those moments of conflict between us will come, but this special connection we have will see us through it.  You keep that strong will, stubborn streak, little attitude of yours because remember even though it may give you difficult moments it will serve you well too. When I see the little girl you've become I so look forward to knowing the wonderful young lady I know you'll be in the future.

I love the joy you have in the way you live and play now. You're such a happy little girl now, and your love for us and your sister is so evident in the way you comfort your sister when she's upset, stand up to us for her when you think that's what is needed to fix the problem, and your random hugs are just the best. I know you're a little anxious about not being the baby anymore here in a few short months, but I know you will be an amazing big sister to your little brother or sister. Even if you're not the only baby girl as you say; there's only one you, little girl. You and I have our own special bond that no new little sister or brother is going to change.

Love you, baby girl!

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  1. Aww happy birthday to your sweet girl!!! My Evie turns 3 on wed the 25th!