Monday, July 17, 2017

Would the Stay at Home Moms Quit Complaining about their Kids Being Home for the Summer

I get now why there are mommy wars, and why hard as I might try I have a hard time fully staying out of them so I'm sure I'm going to anger a few people here but hear me out first before you stomp away in anger. (Also there isn't anyone in particular that I personally though that has been guilty of this)

I'm a working mom ten months out of the year, but for the other two I get to stay home with my three kids. Two of them aren't in school yet, but I'm lucky enough to be home in the summer when my older one is out of school. Unfortunately, for three summers when my two girls were younger I worked during the summer so I missed that stay at home time with them so now that I've had the past two summers back with them I'm very appreciative of the fact that I get this little sliver of time home with my kids. This time with them is gift, not a sentence or punishment.

So the memes and blog posts and magazine articles getting passed around with stay at home moms complaining about their kids being home with them all summer is about to drive me bat shit crazy. Okay, maybe I'm there considering I'm writing this post. Do you know how many working moms would love a summer-just one summer- home with their kids? Do you know how many teachers look forward to actually giving their own kids their time and attention instead of yours for just these two months verse the ten that your kids get from us? I just watched a mother fight for 18 months for any little extra time she could get with her dying daughter but she sadly passed about a week ago so do you know what she would give for one more carefree summer vacation with her nine year old??? A friend of my sister's is facing possibly her last summer with her kids do you know what she wouldn't give to have another summer with her kids? To fully enjoy this summer without worrying if it's her last one.

So stop the damn complaining if you're home with your kids this summer. They are only young once. They are not even guaranteed to us much past this very moment. How much time we actually have with them ourselves is not any guarantee so enjoy your time with them. Yeah, I totally get that they can be little heathens. I have three. Two that fight half the day and one that is in the toddler temper tantrum throwing stage and wants to refuse naps all of a sudden. But this is my time to just enjoy their wonder, to go outside and play with them without the pressure of the clock, to plan everything in my day around them for a change instead of planning time for them around my day.

I don't mean to sound harsh but for some of us we see this time in the summer home with our children as a gift and your complaining is not wanted here or really anywhere. Go enjoy and laugh with your kids instead.


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