Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Do the Dead Visit us in Our Dreams?

Are you a believer? Do you believe in Heaven? In God? In Angels? In our deceased loved ones coming back to visit us? To reassure us? To warn us?

For those of you that said yes please keep reading. If you're not sure but really want to believe read to see what you think. If you don't believe, then this is a good place to stop and we'll see you back for the following post next time.

After my second visitation dream in fourteen years (that's what they call it in all the recent stuff I've read on this topic) this past weekend, I started doing a lot of reading and talking with others about this topic. Now I'm quite fascinated. Part of my fascination isn't so much that I had a rare visit (as many feel these visits are rare) from my deceased grandfather but because of the unsettled, torn emotions I feel in regards to the message he brought. As I've told some I'm not even sure of the interpretation of the message, but I think my uncertainty is due more to the fact that I don't like the message. It wasn't what I wanted to hear.

Everything I have read all agree that they come to reassure or warn you. The first visitation dream I ever experienced was in college and it was definitely a message of reassurance. I remember that one leaving me feeling better and at peace, but this one unfortunately, has not left me with those feelings.

Two others' experiences of those I know involved a reassurance visit after she went through a dramatic life change, and the other's experience came with a warning of something to happen in the next few years to come. Even though the interpretation as to who exactly it pertained to was misinterpreted, the warning ended up being dead on (pardon the pun).

I find it a very interesting topic. I would love to hear others' experiences.

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  1. I'm a believer and have had a few experiences with angels. I wasn't dreaming when mine happened tho'. One was being saved from a headon collision that was right there...there was no way out, no where to go and no time to do anything. All of a sudden I heard this noise and saw nothing out my windows but blue & white ( it was dark out when this happened). The next thing I knew I was looking out my mirror to see the truck behind me pulling back into his lane. A miracle! The other I was in my car when I could feel someone squezzing my shoulder. I instantly knew something was terribly wrong and felt an awful panic. Within 1/2 hr I received a call that my brother was in a bad work accident, he had been crushed in a bucket tractor (?). He was badly hurt but not nearly as bad as he could have been. He was life flighted by copter. I pulled over and cried and begged God not to take my brother...he didn't. I'm not sure if the shoulder squezzing was a warning or reassurance that all would be ok. I hope everything is and will be just fine for you Angela. Keep your chin up and pray...maybe it's not as bad as you thought....