Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Blogger or not a Blogger?

February is the longest month to me; it always has been. The cabin fever just consumes me. I'm tired of everything in the house-cleaning, writing, reading, watching TV, laundry, designing photobooks, even playing on facebook. I need outside. I feel like a caged animal.  So what does a blogger do to entertain herself during a moment of boredom. You organize your blog posts by page views of course. I love a little organization and who doesn't love an ego boost every now and then.

I'm a tiny blog with a tiny following but it's still exciting to see what posts get a couple hundred views and to have that first post reach almost 500 views. I had this blog for about a year before I made it a "public" blog in which I shared, even promoted, my posts. Even though following numbers say I have over 500 followers between twitter, google +, facebook, GFC, and bloglovin I really probably only have about 100-200 that actually read me on a somewhat regular enough basis.

I know there are lots of things I should learn and do to be a "real" blogger but this is my hobby. I'm selfish. I do this for me, and I don't want to stress about all these things I should do to be more "successful" with blogging.  Even though I only have a small following I love the connections I have made with moms off all ages, backgrounds, and choices. So even though my stats are low and my income from this has pretty much matched my low stat numbers who cares. Once again, life isn't measured in numbers. Just like it's not measured by the numbers on a scale or money you make, I don't think my perception of myself as a blogger should be measured by numbers either but more by the connections and personal growth I've gotten from the last two years of doing this.

More than half of the time I'm just rambling on here. I'm rambled in journal books for years, since I was ten to be exact. If you ever read those journals you'd see it's pretty much the same as on here. Sometimes it's just about reflecting on life, sometimes it's sorting out problems, sometimes it's using comic relief and sarcasm to deal with stress, and sometimes it's sentimental posts about life, faith, and love.

I was scared to share my writing for a long time. It's kind of scarey to expose your inner most feelings and thoughts. Writing like this breaks down walls that we're all known to build around ourselves. This scares some people away. I'll be honest. There are a few, I emphasize few, people that I feel I've pushed away by coming out with my writing, but the connections I've made with others have been totally worth it. Sometimes something I write voices their own fears, voices their own struggles, makes them feel that they're not alone, or brings comic relief to those moments we all struggle with overcoming.

I battle back and forth on whether I should make goals when it comes to this whole blogging/writing thing.  I have a book to market so I really should work on networking more towards a goal of a 1000 followers. I was closing in on 5000 page views a month over the summer but then you know life gets busy and my monthly page views dropped below a 1000! Whoops. I know this is being a "bad" blogger. Inconsistency doesn't keep readers. Sorry for the inconsistency, readers.

If you're one of the ones that have followed for awhile here are the heavy hitters as I'm calling them that must have connected with people in some way First up are the top 8 posts that have anywhere from 200 views up to almost 500 (not quite there yet).

Moms, Get Ready to Be Judged

Walking in the Working Mom's Shoes

What Defines the Magic of Childhood

You Can't Score if You Never Swing 

You Walk that Way, Superwoman, I'll Walk this Way

The Damn Elf on the Shelf May be the Last Straw 

Book Release of Moms, Monsters, Media & Margaritas

The Working Vs the Stay at Home Mom Debate

Here are some middle hitters. They've seen over 100 views but have not quite made it to 200 yet.

The Value of Self Awareness 

The Top 10 Mom Skills I've Mastered 

Happily Ever After..But a Moment 

Where's the Beauty in Perfection

Time is What Makes Great Parents 

The Sex After Kids Club  

Marriage and Money 

There's another half dozen that fit in this 100-350 views category that are personal journal posts that I wrote that I didn't include in this list. I guess for now I'll just keep doing going with whatever feels right at the time, and hopefully you'll stick around to read some more.

I also need some book sales for the 2015 year. Do you have your copy of Moms, Monsters, Media & Margaritas ? It's only $8! Check it out if you haven't.


  1. I say keep on doing what you're doing. If you make blogging too much work it won't be a fun hobby anymore. I'm a follower and look forward to your blogs...I just love them! Keep up the great work Angela!

  2. Keep at it! You're a great writer.