Wednesday, May 14, 2014

And It Went Something Like This

Nate is Averi's tball coach but he couldn't make practice the other night. And the other coach was out of town. I spent over a decade on the ball field and coached high school girls so surely I could handle coaching a little tball. And it went something like this....

 First it was probably about 90 degrees and my daughter was suddenly a whiney wimp. She wanted to sit down. She wanted to be in the shade. She didn't want to play catch. She wanted to hit the ball. She wanted to play catch with her helmet on. She wanted to play in the dirt. Then there was Kenzi. First she stayed close, then she wandered over to the other team's practice.

Then she walked right down the middle of their playing catch lines. Then I was getting dirty looks from the other team's parents because why wasn't I keeping better track of my kid. I finally got her back close to us. Every time she started to wander off, I'd grab her arm. The first time she started the let me go limp and throw a fit thing. Then she discovered it was fun when I grabbed her arm to throw herself back into the overgrown soft grass. So then as soon as she'd get up from me grabbing her back, she'd take a step to take off, just so I could grab her and she could fall back again. After about half a dozen times of this I started to realize she was just playing.

 Then it was batting practice. If Kenz wasn't getting to close to the five year old with a bat, she was standing about two feet away, waiting to be drilled with the ball when they hit it. It was constant watch the ball, don't throw the ball at someone's that not looking at you, you stand with your feet towards the plate, not at the pitcher. Pay attention. During fielding practice, one little boy thought it'd be fun to take Averi's glove and run all over the outfield with it with Averi chasing him.

 By the time it was over, I just wanted to scream at everyone to just stand in one damn place instead of being everywhere. It was exhausting. I concluded it takes a very, very special person to teach a preschool or kindergarten class, and there is no way I should have a half dozen kids. That was birth control right there.

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  1. I am glad I read this after I had my first tball practice last night! Same type issues minus the two year old. I had one trying to throw the ball with his glove and two other tackling anyone the ball came near. Sad thing is my own kid wasn't even there! How did our dad's do it?

    1. I don't know. It seemed easier when we were the unruly kindergarten. Haha