Tuesday, May 20, 2014

True Love & a Stranger

A week ago my husband finally finished his graduate school program. The last four weeks were similiar to other peak moments in the last two and half years where besides dinner even though he was home we rarely saw him because he'd be busy on the computer trying to complete projects.

Right before he finished, I had a stress moment where I got irritated with myself, and even though at first it seemed like I was mad him,  I realized how much I needed his help and confessed that my independent have to do everything myself self would be glad to have my partner back after he was finished.

After he finished school finally he was able again to help with their baths, getting them to bed, and cleaning up after dinner. His absence gave me a new appreciation for what he does that makes us a team. This weekend he was able to put the girls' barbie house together, made them a chalkboard wall so hopefully Kenzi won't create a mural on our walls anymore, fixed our screen door that the animals tore up.Today he was able to take them outside and plant the garden with them. It s been so nice to have him back.

And we even got to go on an afternoon date this weekend.  The girls had a playdate at a friend's house around the corner for a few hours Sunday afternoon so we took off to a local winery. We sat outside and shared a bottle of wine just enjoying the quiet, the nice weather, the time to ourselves without the constant  "I need this, I need that" demands of our little angels.  Of course like most parents out without their kids we talked about the girls. But we always reminiscence about the past too and share those big dreams and ideas we both always have for the future. It was a great afternoon together.

However, I kind of popped the bubble of our little reunited honeymoon period when I maybe accused him of spacing out to "man land"   during our after date shopping trip with the girls because while I was dealing with "hold me", "I m thirsty", "I have to pee" he was able to just blissfully space out to man land in the plant aisle of Lowes for what seemed like FOREVER where there are obliviously no needy children.  After a few minutes of annoyed silence on the way home I decided to test the waters with some irrelevant question. If he doesn't answer I know he s mad. If he answers, which he usually does, it s all good. And he answered and our five spat was over and strangers no more were we. We are now back to us- two opposites that share just the right amount of interests to make us the team we are. True love involves just a little dose of drive each other crazy, right? We have several long overdue dates coming up this summer, and I will try extra hard to keep my man land comments to myself. As long as he doesn't do something to drive me crazy :)

                               These are pics from a former afternoon date from years ago

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  1. Thank you honey. It is nice to be back and be able to do all of these things again. It's important for me to be a good dad and enjoy every minute of every age...even the I want/ I need age... like the songs says " it won't be like this for long". Soon we'll feel like they don't want or need our help and we'll miss feeling needed by our needy little girls. Thanks for stepping up and being Super Mom while I was mentally enthralled these past years of Master's work.