Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I Said You Could Have Pie for Breakfast?

When I went to pick Averi up from school and picked up her dirty breakfast bowl Nate must have brought in for her, I noticed it was dirty from pie.

I looked at Averi. "Your dad sent you to school with pie for breakfast?" I asked her.

"Yeah," she says with the tone of "what's the matter with that, Mom."

When Nate got home later, I asked him about it. "You let Averi take pie to school for breakfast?"

"She said you told her last night she could have pie for breakfast," he accused.

"Really? And you just believed her," I laughed. My husband had totally had one pulled over on him.

 "Averi doesn't lie," he said. She was rather insistent lately about the idea of her nor us lieing. We have a habit of being sarcastic in which case she always accuses us of lieing and reminds us that is bad.

I headed to Averi's room. "Averi, why did you tell your dad I said you could have pie for breakfast? I never said anything close to that last night. You lied to him."

 "I did not! I never lie!" she sobbed. She ran and threw herself down on her bed in tears.

"You hurt my feelings," she wailed.

"Averi. I said you could have a muffin. Remember I set out a muffin on your sleep stuff?"

"I thought you said pie." "

How do you get pie out of muffin?"

 "I don't know. P...p...p...pie. M...m...m...muffin. They sound close," she says.

"Um," I said, trying to keep a straight face at this point. "No. No, they don't."

 "It did have fruit in it," defended Nate.

 "Yeah, mom, it had raspberries and other berries in it. That's healthy."

 "Well, then I guess we should all finish the pie for breakfast tomorrow."

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  1. Lol, my three year old was campaigning for chocolate cake for breakfast this morning... His argument was that it has egg in it and egg is good for you so...:)