Monday, August 4, 2014

Camping: Picture Happy vs Reality

We had our annual camping trip this weekend. We returned to Harpers Ferry in West Virginia for our second time. We  usually either camp out in Shenandoah in Virginia, Harper's Ferry, or Assateague Island on the beach in Maryland. We like Harper's Ferry because it's on the river and this time we got to fish and go canoeing so it was a good choice. If you look at the pictures it looks like one of those blissful family weekends for the memory book. Being the photo nut that I am I'm sure they'll go in the photo book, but let me just share the reality that is not so easily seen in those picture perfect moment.

My idea of sitting around all day around the fire relaxing I quickly came to realize was NOT going to happen. I swear in about every five minutes one of those girls had to go to the bathroom. Then Averi wanted to play in the mud. Then she cried because she was muddy. Bettis who we always bring was abnormally bark happy. I think he's going blind so just barks at every noise and smell. I'm thinking Averi sat in timeout about five times. In which case that usually resulted in more tears. We were really looking forward to taking the girls out on their first canoe ride. Not even ten minutes out on the river and one of them had to go to the bathroom. With the way they were whining and crying I took them back to the tent in the afternoon for a nap. Except while I attempted to sleep they climbed all over me and each other. Just giggling and having the time of their life so no nap. I didn't pack enough clothes for as many times as they got muddy, marshmellow smeared all over them, drenched from playing too close to the river, the times they peed all over their clothes trying to pee in the woods (even though Averi did inform me she was a pro at this by the end of the weekend). They fell asleep early and quickly that second night but all us adults were exhausted ourselves from keeping up with them all day we retired to bed shortly after them.

When it was time to go Averi told us she had so much fun and wanted to stay longer. They did have fun, but I told Nate they worn out I was just ready to get home and crash. And lock them in their room and forget where I put the key for awhile. It was a great weekend to catch up with our dear friends from Virginia that always meet us for this trip, and I did catch a few moments of sitting around the fire, watching the girls fish or playing on the river bank, a hike down the trail where I did think this really is the life. I love being outdoors and I love that my kids love it so much too.

                                                          A little evening fishing
                                                         Mommy can still French braid!
                                                          Just hanging out with my sister.
                        Hoping they didn't come home with a bunch of poison ivy from playing on this thing.
                                                 Nate's awesome stuffed peppers
                                                   She loved playing in the mud.
                                                           Canoe ride

                                    At one point in the day the mud sucked her shoe right off.

                                  May be an old man but he still loved to swim out for that ball.
                                                              Our aged camper
                                                Conspiring to give mom and dad trouble
                                                              My morning hike

                                                       Finally asleep!
                                                     Teaching sister how to fish
                                               Score! Sissy caught a fish!

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