Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Week 3: Fitness Goal Check In

In keeping up with my weekly check ins mostly for myself and those of you that are on your own similar journey, here's my reflection on the third week. If you missed week 2 you can check it out here and if you missed by background story on why I decided to embark on this you can check it out here.

I knew last week would be an interesting test week. It was my first week working five days all day so I knew I'd have to come home and get my workout in at the end of the day. Because it was just this one week of full time work for my last week of summer camp I wasn't very disciplined with a bedtime either so I think I stayed up past midnight every night. I got in my workout Monday and Tuesday after work, but when I came home Wed I was pooped from lack of sleep. I ended up laying on the couch, reading a book on my phone pretty much the whole night. I knew I had to get back at it Thursday since I was worried how I was going to get in a workout over the weekend with our camping trip. But by Friday with working and then having to finish packing and getting on the road to get to the campsite I ended up taking my second day off of the week. Again I didn't want to end up taking two days in a row off so I went for what I planned to be a jog on the camping trail Sat morning but it was pretty rocky so it ended up being more of a hike. Then we went canoeing so my arms got a good workout so between the two I counted it. But by Sunday after packing up the campsite, unloading every thing, I just wanted a relaxing Sunday so I took my third day of the week off.

Normally if I worked full time and had a busy weekend but still fit in four workouts I'd consider it a pretty good week. But I fell short of my goal for these nine weeks because I wanted to get in six days a week for the first five weeks before I go back to work, then five days a week for the first four weeks when I return to work, and from then on to get in at least four, if not five, workouts a week.   I know I'll be much more disciplined about a bed time for myself when I return to work for the school year and my weekends at the beginning of the school year are pretty open, but this still gave me concern for how consistent I will be when I return to work. As any teacher knows the beginning of the school is a very hectic time of the year.

As for eating during the week I do pretty well. Besides eating chips Friday the worse day of the week was Saturday. Camping is sitting around and eating for this family so I did not keep tabs on what I ate Saturday. I just chalked it up as a cheat day, but I've gone back to doing pretty well the last two days.

I got my workout in first thing Monday morning. Today I squeezed it in right at the end of the day  and the plan is to go run first thing tomorrow morning before traveling north up to Nate's family. While up in PA I will probably jog their dirt road Thursday and Friday but Saturday and Sunday will be busy so I could be looking at a five time workout week this week. In some ways I think "oh no, I'm failing" and then in another moment I remind myself I am still working out pretty intensely when I do and I may not be super consistent with eating better but I have cut back on sugar, sweets, and soda.

It's still progress. I haven't bought myself a scale yet and I wasn't near my friend's house where I weighed myself the last two weeks this week so I have no weight results, but I have started to notice that some of my shorts are baggier so I guess that's a good sign. It could have been a better week but I'm still sticking with working out and eating better so I'll just keep going forward.

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  1. I completely fell off of my fitness wagon! I need to get back into the groove, but it's been tough. I need some motivation. Thanks for sharing your check in.

  2. This is great! -The fact that you are sharing your check in will definitely motivate others. Also love the new look of your blog! Looks great Angela. :)