Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fitness Check In Week 4

I'm still going. I started week 5 today. I took my first two days in a row off between the end of last week (Sunday) and the beginning of this week (Monday). I got the chance to weigh myself again and I'm almost down 10 lbs. As of a few days ago I had a pound/pound and a half to go. If I could lose another 10 pounds with this coming up month then I'll be closing in on my goal. I am noticing some of my clothes are fitting better.

Aside from losing weight and getting in better shape though my other goal is to make exercising at least 4 times a week a habit permanently again. After having a set back week 3 with only getting in 4 days when my goal right now is 5-6, I did get in 5 days last week. However, I'm noticing my running/walking two miles days are quite a bit easier than my Insanity video days. Because we were out of town last week I ran and walked mostly, but today I did the videos again. I see why someone said they used the videos for their daily workout, barely ran, and then went and ran a 5K I think they said, and they said they were in just as good if not better training shape to do it than if they actually trained by running. I can also see that with the fact that running is much easier to me now than it use to be. I'm still only running 1/2 mile intervals. I need to find a better place that's not gravel and lots of uphills to see how I feel running a mile. I'm still looking at doing a 5K in Sept when these first two months are over, but I'm not convinced yet I could run three miles straight. Either way I'm still convinced if you want something that's going to push you, is convenient, and give you results, I'm pretty sold on these beachbody videos.

My eating the last two weeks has not been the greatest. I've indulged a little more than I did in the beginning. I go back to work next week so where I'm worried about how well I'll do with sticking to 5-6 days a week of exercise I think being back in the work routine will be better for my eating habits. I went to the store yesterday so I have plenty of snacks in place to keep me from grabbing all my usual bad stuff.

Even though I don't officially report back to work until next Monday I have a busy next three days so I'm hoping I can get in 4 workout days between Wed-Sunday. But next week will really tell the story. As an teacher knows the massive to do list that comes with the beginning of the school year seems to overtake everything else. Wish me luck for next week.

Last Week's Fitness Check IN

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