Friday, September 5, 2014

Balance? Where Did you Go?

We were fortunate this year to feel like we got to ease back into the back to school routine with seven work days before the first day of school. I felt well prepared and all in control with the conclusion of those seven days. I was ready. Then the first day of school came, and I feel like it s been a whirlwind since then. Now over a week later I'm looking forward to this weekend to catch my breath.

Somewhere between mastering this rotating schedule of mine between two schools with a new commute, we had another flooding water issue, issues with the cars that need to get looked at, company in town, a trip up to NYC which I loved by the way and you can read about here, and a health concern I had to see to. Now I'm buried in over 150 essays on the American Dream so after grading those I may never mention that phrase again.

One night this week I ended up crawling in bed with the girls just to snuggle because I missed them, and the next thing I knew it was almost one in the morning. As I told my husband I love being busy, I love what I do, but I still miss them when my schedule gets crazy like it s been for the last week. When I think about what I should cut back when it gets crazy like this, I can't think of what I would eliminate. I know things that should be the obvious things but it saddens me to let them go.  I'm always so convinced I will do it all. I will have my career, including the extra college class I love teaching, valuable time with my family (our family dinner plans have sucked these last two weeks), time for my hobbies and interests, and whatever else I set me mind to.

This idea of balance is out there somewhere, and I know I can find it because I have before but like the beginning of every school year it just takes a bit to get my feet planted on the ground. My workout goals that I did so well with for six weeks was abandoned in the haste to balance seven classes on three different campuses (which also includes over 170 papers to grade-ugh!) and to make  this appointment at the doctor's office, that appointment at the bank, and whatever other mini crisis (such as the argument over who was responsible for picking up the brake parts to fix Nate's car this weekend).

Some days I am a why do tomorrow what you can do today person, but today I am completely going for the why do today what I can put off until tomorrow. Since school has started I finally made it home by 3:15, which is an hour before I have to leave to pick the girls up when Ave gets off the bus, which was originally when I planned to fit in my workout. I figured since that goal has gone to shit in the last ten days and my house like usual at the end of the week looks like a mini volcano of dirty laundry and dishes erupted, I was going to plop my butt on the couch and take a good 45 minute nap. And I did. Sorry, but I needed it. Mentally and physically.

From here on out the schedule already looks much more balanced so I plan to get back into a more consistent workout routine. As for cleaning up my house I can do it tomorrow (okay maybe just later tonight if I feel motivated). I will find that balance I seek again. But after five years of this working mom balancing act one of the things I've learned is there's just going to be times where everything isn't always necessarily balanced (even for control freaks like me), and that is okay. Life happens. Things come up, problems need to be dealt with , and as much as I hate it at times sometimes things have to be put off until tomorrow. Tomorrow is a new day, a fresh start, and after some much needed rest and little girl cuddles today, I will be ready to rebalance this thing called my life.

Speaking of the balancing act of motherhood, have you read my book, Moms, Monsters, Media & Margaritas,  yet?  It examines how our 21st century digital world shapes our perceptions and expectations of our capabilities as mothers, wives, employers, and women. I talk about balance or the struggle of finding balance often in here. It will leave you with a humorous and inspirational look at the individual journey of motherhood that takes each of us from the girl we were to the woman we become. The book is also now available on the Amazon kindle for $3.99 and the Barnes and Noble Nook for $4.99. With the purchase of print and ebook books  20% of sales goes towards a children's charity for the The PACI Fund Project. This Fall donations are going to the Families of SMA charity.


  1. How awesome that you wrote a book? Going over on amazon to check it out!! SO cool!!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by to read. Hope you get a chance to check out the book. I donate a portion of the sales to charity so we appreciate your help. Thanks. Wishing you the best.