Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Slowing Down?

"Do you ever think about slowing down?"
"Why don't you just stay home?"

I get asked these questions more times than I can count. The answer is pretty much no. There are places to see, friends to keep in touch with, family to visit, adventures to be lived, and I'm just not a sit and do nothing person. I'm not a big TV watcher, but if you can get me hooked on some really good story with a TV show or movie, I'll sit still. If it's not something worth watching though, a good book is about the only other thing to get me to sit still and "relax".

I love to be on the go, and I love to go do things. However, since our NYC trip at the beginning of the month, September was a pretty good slow down month for me. I probably needed it. Especially with the next two busy weekends coming up with the beach and working on our rental house the weekend after to hopefully have it rented back out by the first of November.

This past weekend I think was exactly what I needed.  Nate took his first guys weekend since I think we've had two kids, and I had a great weekend with just my girls. Friday was my birthday so we all went out for dinner. Then I stayed up until 1 in the morning to watch an awesome ball game of the Royals. He left before 10 Saturday morning. After we completed our weekly Saturday morning cleaning chores, we took a trip to the local library where Averi picked out her first level 1 reading books (proud mommy moment), went to dinner at Chipolte, stopped at the store for groceries and way too many movie snacks. Then we took over Daddy's man cave for a slumber party with movies, popcorn, candy, and ice cream. We maybe went a little overboard with the junk as I had a few complaints of belly aches. Overall, it was a great relaxing weekend with my girls. Even though the week before hit its usual crazy, stressful peak, somehow within the week I managed to get all my laundry caught up briefly, read two books, and get in my usual couple workouts.

Now I just need to unbury myself from my neverending grading pile. Life is still busy with two 12 hour days a week on top of my other three nine hour days (time left in the morning until time home), but I'm kind of liking this pace with a little slow down time thrown in with the few moments of crazy.

Coming up next my look at the AL Championship: The Battle of Home. Who am I going to cheer for?!?! I'll let you know by Friday.

                                                        Slumber Party in Daddy's Man Cave
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  1. Aw, it sounds like you and your girls had a wonderful time! And that definitely is a proud mommy moment - your daughter picking out a level 1 book. :) Awesome!

  2. Sounds like fun ;)
    Congrats to your baby girl!
    A slumber party in Daddy's man cave-- now, that's awesome!
    Wishing you a beautiful week, with a smaller grading pile.