Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Controlling that Bitch

It's like a ticking time bomb.If one more person says one little thing the wrong way, that's it. The bomb is going off. As much as we can all put on the sweet, ladylike, pleasant fa├žade you know there's a crazy bitch under there somewhere.

My crazy inner bitch gets off her leash every now then. However, I've gotten pretty good at learning to control her. But sometimes she just needs out. People from every which way-work, the husband, the kids, the idiot drivers, really anything that breathes -just keep feeding that fire. I had one of those days today where everything annoyed me. I surround myself with kids all day; always talk about how I would love to have more kids. Then there are days like today where I wonder if I even like kids. Maybe I don't even like humans?

As soon as my husband walked in the door today I jumped in with everything that was irritating me from the kids at work, their parents, our kids, the neighbor's kids. I ended with "Am I just being a bitch?" I wish I could have caught the deer in the headlights look on his face. The look pretty much said, "Is this a trick question?".  He promptly backed out of the house and disappeared to the shed (?) of all places since he never goes out there unless he's going to mow. Maybe he thought he'd try the reentrance thing again and see if crazy bitch was gone and good ole me was back.

For the most part I am the sweet, nice Ang that most know, but my sisters, parents, and my husband will definitely tell you there is a not so nice Ang in there too. So for the sake of others' sanity, as well as my own, I've learned to control her a little better. Just like we all have our way of controlling different aspects of our lives I'm sure you have your own way of controlling your inner bitch but in case you need some pointers here are my two go tos:

1. Get my butt out the door and go get in some physical exercise. For me it's not only the exercise itself that is good for my mental health but the being outdoors. I walk/jog 1-2 miles on this back country road where it's just nature, the horses, deer, and me. This is my therapy. I need it. It does wonders for calming me down and keeping me from picking fights when I'm stressed. By the time I'm back that crazy bitch has simmered her ass back down.

2. Writing. That's right all of you that drop in here and read are being used for my own personal therapy.  Again, this I have found does wonders for my mental health. It gives me a chance to step back, reflect, and vent when I have to.

Again I don't know how well you have your inner bitch tamed but maybe these two can be helpful to you and help minimize the future casualties of future times she takes over.  I'm also always open for more tips on how to control mine so please feel free to share.

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