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Reasons Babies are Easier to Carry than Toddlers

Reasons Babies are Easier to Carry than Toddlers
As compared to babies, toddlers are always on the move. They can run away from you, they are able to access many areas of the house that a baby couldn't and they are always demanding. Not to mention, toddlers are difficult to carry. Here are several more reasons why.

Babies are Lighter

It is obvious that a toddler is much heavier than a baby. Would you rather carry a 20 pound object or a 10 pound object? In that spirit, babies are much easier to carry compared to toddlers. You can travel long distances with a newborn in your arms, but when it comes to carrying toddlers, you can barely reach the corner of the street. They either feel uncomfortable and want to change their position or they want to get off. When they move, it becomes more difficult for you to hold them.


Babies Nap Often

 A napping baby has a few advantages over a toddler – it doesn't make noise, it doesn't move and it can't run away. It is like carrying a bag or a pile of clothes (sorry for the lame comparison). I mean, what if your suitcase would disobey every time you wanted to drag it down the road? What if your backpack could talk and move? Imagine you have to convince it to stay calm while you carry it? What do these have in common with a toddler? They are heavy. But since they don't move and don't resist your attempts to carry them wherever you want, they are much easier to carry. The same cannot be said of toddlers, though.

 In comparison, a napping baby is such a joy. You can carry it everywhere without hearing “Where are we going?”, “Are we there yet?” “I need to go to the bathroom now!” all the time. Quiet and easy.


Babies Don't Move a Lot

Generally, babies' movements are pretty restricted. They don't move that much. And you know, it is much easier to carry a still baby than an impatient toddler who wants to see everything.

Another great advantage of newborns is that they are not faster than you. You don't have to run after them until you are out of breath. As they cannot even walk, it is very easy to maintain control over them.


Babies Don't Want Snacks or Cookies

 While babies are impenetrable to all the temptations available in stores, your toddler is already fully acquainted with the different varieties of sweet things and other not so healthy foods. Kids are easily attracted to bright wrappings. It is very difficult to keep them from eating snacks, burgers, donuts and other unhealthy foods. 

 On the other hand, babies eat pretty much the same food every day and it does not include snacks, junk food or chocolate. In fact your newborn doesn't even know these are worth crying for. He or she will not scream in your ear “I want cookies, I want cookies, I want...” seven hundred times. He or she will eat the food you offer without complaining. If they could complain, they probably would, but since they can't, it is much easier to deal with a baby than with a toddler.

 Now don't get me wrong. Every stage of childhood has its pros and cons, its beauty and plight. Many sleepless nights are awaiting you with a newborn. And while toddlers can take better care of themselves, your baby still needs to be fed and supervised. You have to clean up after them all the time and help them wash themselves. You will get used to it someday. In the meantime, try to be more patient.

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