Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Summer Plans and To Do s

The unofficial weekend kickoff to summer is so close, yet two days is too far away this week! I keep reading all the posts from back home where everyone is having their last day of school this week, and we still have 3-4 weeks to go after Memorial weekend here in Maryland.

Memorial weekend has always been the start of summer to me even when it stopped representing the end of the school year when I left the Midwest to move East. Memorial weekend is early this year and Labor Day weekend is late making this a 15 week long summer! Even though my teacher summer vacation is only eight of those weeks in which I'm working four day weeks for four of those, summer is still a slower paced, less work stress time of the year for us (I think I only have four full five day work weeks in that Memorial to Labor Day stretch) so working over the summer or not, it's still a time to look forward to with lots of time for family and friends.

This past week has been crazy with softball games, tball practice, vet appointments, work on the rental house, wacky schedules at work, and now tomorrow we have to scramble to get everything ready to leave town for the holiday weekend right after work Friday. But we're kicking summer off with one of our highlight events of the whole summer. We're meeting a bunch of my husband's fraternity brothers and their families in Shenandoah for a wine festival. Some of them we haven't seen in years so it's definitely a great way to kickoff the summer.

Then things slow down for a bit as we finish up the school year. We have a couple closing activities for our daughter's first year of school, and then a to do list of replacing the brakes on my car, building a cabinet and counter around my new dishwasher, replacing the screens the dog tore up, and repainting the bathroom after fixing the towel and toilet paper holder that my kids managed to rip off the walls somehow (it's a zoo around here some days). We'll probably squeeze our first drive in movie of the summer in there somewhere, as well as a kickoff to summer vacation fire night with friends. Hopefully we can get all the house/car projects done before we take off for our two week trip to catch all the grandmas, aunts, uncles, and cousins on the Williams and Glenn side.

Once we get back after the Fourth we both start our summer work, and hopefully the girls' great grandma will be spending that month with us too. We're hoping to bring back our annual Phi Psi Reunion party from a few years ago this summer; it may be a small crowd but any cookout and fire in the backyard in the summer is a good time to us. We'd also like to either go check out Williamsburg, VA or the zoo and Liberty Bell stuff in Philadelphia one weekend. Our annual camping trip to West Virginia on the river is planned with friends for August, and we're hopefully ending the summer vacation with a visit from my parents. Somewhere in there we'll be hanging out at the ballfield for Nate's softball games once a week all summer and hopefully getting in some fishing.

Even though we haven't officially signed the girls up for anything yet, hoping to get them in swim lessons again in July,  my oldest wants to do Vacation Bible School again, and there's a short four week summer session of gymnastics so I told her we might sign her up for that because soccer starts by the end of the summer too. She's not signed up for any summer camps or summer school though so I guess her teacher parents will have to do a little enrichment teaching with her this summer over her eleven weeks off.

My other summer projects involve trying to play catch up on my shutterfly photobooks. I'm working on last Fall's right now. It'd be nice to have that one, Christmas/Winter, and Spring completed, as well as Ave's kindergarten year started. I also started reorganizing all our memory boxes so want to do that with the girls' ridiculous collection of momentos, as well as clean out their toys, and hopefully have a yard sale with my neighbor at some point. Maybe we'll finally finish Nate's man cave too and paint it before we tackle the final room in the house this Fall, the middle bedroom that the puppy has temporarily taken over. Then we have the okay to try again for baby G #3 so that may also be on our summer to do list so send some prayers and positive thoughts on that. Even though it should be fine with closer monitoring of my bloodwork, after the experiences of the last year, it will be a  little more nerve wracking than the pregnancies with the girls.

That's pretty much our plans and to do lists of the summer. As long as I don't have to stress about financially making it from the last paycheck of the school year to the first check on the upcoming school year, which I shouldn't with us having July work, it should be a less stressful, relaxing time of the year for us. I love the extra family time; I love creating annual summer traditions with the girls like drive in movies, fire nights, fishing, camping, time at the ballfield, and trips to grandmas and grandpas.

Come on, Friday, we're ready to kick off Summer 2015!

                                  Went to our first Orioles game of the season last weekend!

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