Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What I want to Teach My Daughters about Being Perfect

I've always been a little envious of men. You know why?  Because they don't give a shit about so many of the things women obsess about. They don't get hung up on things. They don't compete on things the same way as women. It's "hey I kicked your ass now let's go have a beer." They typically don't give two cents about the words "perfect" or "perfection" .

I don't want my girls to get caught up in the battle of perfection that tends to be a woman's fight either. I kind of think women are more competitive than men, and I think it's because of this obsession with perfection. Our digital age makes it an even crazier battle so since I am raising daughters in this wonderful information age of the 21st century here's what I want them to remember when it comes to being perfect.

1. Do NOT obsess about it. Remember perfect is subjective. Someone else's standards of perfect are going to be different than yours. Probably in everything you do from your career, to your marriage, to raising your kids, to keeping up your house, to taking care of yourself.  
2. Social media will try to sell you perfect. Don't buy it. Again if you let yourself you'll be convinced everyone else's way is the perfect way and yours is the flawed, wrong way. You'll doubt yourself and find yourself in battle between your own doubt and confidence.

3. Excel in imperfection. It's more original. Never be afraid to try something for fear of  mistakes, to let people see your true colors, and there's a certain level of freedom to really not caring what others think. Just be you and love others for who they are too. They don't need to be like you anymore than you need to be like them.

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