Monday, July 13, 2015

Home is Where the Work Is

"Home is where the heart is" is the cliché saying we all know from childhood on in our lives. I don't want to say there's not truth to that because I believe there is. It's where I get the most hugs from my children, it's where we laugh and visit with the friends that are like family, it's the place where the love of my life and I have built our dreams. It's the place I have found comfort and peace at times. The people I love most in the world are there to love me every day.  Home is where my heart is.

But home is also where the most work is. I don't think it matters if you're a stay at home mom or dad or working mom or dad. Nothing involves the same dedicated work as home. Nothing will test your work ethic like the dedication that is needed at home.

Home is where you work endlessly on your relationship with your spouse. It's where you fight and make up. It's where you hurt one another and forgive one another.

Home is where  year after year, sometimes sleepless night after sleepless night you work diligently at raising responsible, successful, caring children. You worry about your choices in the beginning, then you worry about them and their choices later in the adolescent years. No matter their age building your relationship with them is some of the most important work you'll ever do.

Home is where you pour over bills and financial statements trying to figure out how to make what you have coming in to cover what you have going out.

Home is where the work of the laundry, cleaning, organizing, and dishes never seems to end.

Home is where you pour sweat and sometimes tears (depending on how frustrating the job is) into the envisioned renovations you imagine or the surprise repairs that always seem to pop up at the worst time.

It is within those walls that you'll do the most work on yourself to grow in your relationships, in your confidence, in overcoming your weaknesses and building on your strengths, and in becoming the person you hope to one day be.

Our work at home will be some of the hardest and most important work we'll have in our lives. It's not a job to take lightly or for the faint hearted.

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