Wednesday, August 23, 2017


One minute the two of you are laughing and the best of friends. The next one of you-usually the older one- is kicking the other one out of your room. As the oldest you get so mad that your sister wants to copy you; yet as the youngest you get so mad when she's dictating how she wants you to do something. I've watched you through these early years as back and forth you go from best of friends to mad at one another to making up again and carrying onto the next sister adventure the two of you will find.

I hope you both know how lucky you are to have a sister, because ,you my dear girl, have been given an incredibly gift not every girl gets. A sister is your first best friend. She will love you in a way no else can or will ever love you. Even if she also drives you crazier than anyone you’ve ever met. She will not only know your strengths and flaws possibly better than anyone, she will be the first friend to love you despite them. As the two of you get older and  you possibly find yourself a little lost on life’s journey she can be your sound voice of reason. If you want the brutal honest truth about yourself go talk to your sister. No one can go from best friends to worst enemies back to best friends like sisters can. Sometimes you’ll be wrong; sometimes she will but either way I hope you always forgive each other.

Unfortunately, you’ll discover all kind of people in life that you have conflicts with so a sister ( and even a brother) is the best teacher for learning how to deal with and sort out personal conflict with one another. Even sharing a room will be great practice for you one day when sharing a whole house and life with a spouse!

But she will be your first true friend no matter where life takes the two of you, and that bond is a sacred one you should nurture your whole life. She will go from your secret keeper to  one of your greatest confidants. She will be the one you whisper to in the dark past bedtime to the one you call late at night when you need someone to just listen. She will be one of the first and longest members of the tribe of women you build around yourself as you go through life. Hold her close.

As the oldest with two younger sisters I hope you two find each other to be one of the most treasured gifts this world gave you just as my sisters and I do. I hope one day despite your differences and disagreements and there will be many you'll be so proud of one another and be each other's biggest cheerleaders in the roles you each take in the crazy "real adult" world you'll one day find yourselves in.  I pray every day the bond you have is one that you both always hold close as one of life's most precious gifts.

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