Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sometimes you have to the find the funny in the crazy

Everyone seems to enjoy funny Ang way more than serious Ang. Quite honestly, I enjoy funny Ang more. As someone that likes to write to entertain what better way to entertain than with humor and funny stories about my children. They make me laugh and smile everyday. And hopefully their funny moments bring a smile to your face too. Funny is also my way of dealing with the stress of motherhood. I often feel overwhelmed and at times get frustrated but most of the time I'd rather find the humor amongst all the chaos in my life rather than let it all bother me.

But sometimes the frustrations or the fears win and serious Ang decides to write instead. Even though these post aren't as enjoyable they are the ones that are more for me than my audience, but your thoughts and words often help me find a way back to the happier, funnier Ang. They help me sort through my fears, frustrations, and disappointments.

So anyway, I've built up quite an archive lately and haven't figured out how to sort them out by funny and serious posts there on the sidebar. I'm still in the learning stages of this blogging technology stuff. Some people are new to reading me and if you've been a reader from the beginning sometimes just like a good book, we don't mind rereading things that make us laugh and smile. I have found that funny brings me more new readers than serious. We all have enough serious in life, huh, who wants to read about it? So linked below are the funny Time with A & N posts. Check out what you want. Have a good laugh at my expense. It's okay. I laugh at myself all of the time.

A recall of Averi stories
A log of Averi disaster moments

Organized Chaos
A log of why Averi makes me a little crazy

My tinkerbell doesn't fly :(
An Averi accidental moment

Superwoman or nuts?
A readers' favorite for any mom that has little kids

No napping in parenting!
Another Averi moment

Moms, get ready to be judged!
#1 readers' favorite that any mom no matter what mom choices she makes can relate to

Why don't these kids come with instructions
More funny Averi moments (I think my kid is kind of funny)

Did you shave your legs for this?
This one mentions sex or lack of

Chicken Nuggets and God
God doesn't care what we feed our kids

My recommendations for sanity
 A little bit of momma crazy

The crazy shit I didn't now about Motherhood
Some more momma crazy

Wal Mart: my frienemy
You either hate walmart or you hate yourself because you love walmart

My not so fine parenting moment of yesterday
More Averi moments ( I can't wait to share all of these with her when she's older)

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