Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Getting closer to Dora's "I did it" dance.

I realized this week marks the one month to go countdown until summer vacation!!! I am so going to be doing the Dora "I did it" dance. I might have to have Averi teach me what exactly that is, but when this school year finally ends I am going to ecstaticly jump up and down, shouting "I did it! I did it!" At this point what did I do. Nothing great. I feel that I have conquered the multi tasking ability of mediocrity. Here's my list of this year's accomplishments not in any particular special order.

1. Taught five classes with a new curriculum that's not too bad with about 85% of the knuckleheads passing
2. I managed to not inappropriately speak my mind to a good dozen or so students that I really had some choice words for
3. I graded a freaking ridiculous amount of papers (DO NOT BECOME AN ENGLISH TEACHER, emphasis on English here)
4. I somehow (okay maybe I didn't) learned how to be okay with being disorganized as a classroom floater
5. I also discovered that  this year has confirmed that I am ADD, a little OCD, probably a little depressed, have a little anxiety, may have dementia (or is that just mommy brain) and really am a babbling mess that is probably just a few shades short of crazy but I think I'm okay with that (probably depends on what day of the week it is though)
6. I managed to relocate my family from one house to another with minimal things lost (including my children and the family dog) and became an official homeowner (Nate owns the other house)
7. I once again achieved the ultimate financial planner award in our house for acquiring great credit for myself and Nate (he hands over the paycheck I make sure the bills are paid-most of the time), purchasing a house and keeping the other as a rental, and hopefully squeezing in enough savings to survive the summer with maybe even a small local vacation(my husband would not agree with this because he somehow thinks we should have our summers off and be rolling in the dough traveling the country or something-sorry it's money or time-can't have everything!)
8. I have picked up four extra side paid gigs to make this crazy moving dream a reality
9. I haven't showed up at my old neighbor's door and smacked him upside the head for his racial ignorance towards our renters (yet maybe I shouldn't count this one yet)
10. My two daughters still love their mommy and think I'm the greatest even though I've felt so absentminded and distracted this year. I can't wait to love and kiss on them all day.
11. I have been a supportive wife (for the most part) to my husband as he's tackled this whole graduate leadership program so he can go make us more money
12. My husband hasn't quietly suffocated me in my sleep because of all my nagging, whining, bitching, all those annoying wife things that we sometimes do
13. I haven't locked my husband out of the house and pretended no one was home as payback for all those annoying husband things that they sometimes do
14. I worked on promoting my blog and building my audience in hopes that one day when I actually publish a book you people will buy it and make my financial life a little easier (I'll thank you a head of time now)
15. I'm a mommy, wife, teacher, daughter, sister, writer, homeowner, friend, and I somehow managed to wear all those hats this year and I didn't do any of them great but I did them! Next year is another year maybe I'll do better. And now summer is coming and I can be a better mommy, wife, friend, daughter, sister, and paint the rest of my new house.

I always feel like a little kid at Christmas about the approaching summer. One month. This is the home stretch.

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