Friday, April 11, 2014

Disney Here We Come

Off we go! We are headed to Disney World in Florida. As much as I love to travel, I have never taken a spring break trip. My travel during the school year is always to PA or MO to see family so this is my first spring break trip at 32 years old. It's a little overdue I like to think after all  of those college spring breaks I spent working extra hours to make money to finish getting through college.

This trip was threatened many times. Just like how we had to cancel our Colorado trip last year due to money shortage from buying a new house, at many times I thought this one was going to face the same fate. Myrtle Beach was a nice replacement last year, but I am still holding out hope for that more expensive cross country vacation to Colorado maybe next year???? With a little extra income from my writing (yea!) and Nate's 12 week after school program that he did once a week the last three months, we managed to pinch everything together to make this trip happen.

The girls, especially Averi, is so excited. I was a little reluctant to taking them to Disney World this young. My husband is always the one with the fun ideas while I'm more the downer dash of reality in the relationship. However, at five years old, I think Averi is hopefully at the perfect age. She will be so excited to see the princesses and all the other characters she loves, as well as Cinderella's castle and every other magical thing they will have there. At this age, the part I love is she'll believe they're real. She'll be completely drawn into the magic that is Disney. My worry and hope then is at five she's old enough to remember this trip. Kenz even though she'll be free which is a huge bonus, unfortunately, I know won't remember the trip, which is part of why I was wondering why are we taking this trip now. But in the moment while she's there I know she too will be completely captivated by the magic. Even though I went to Disney World at age 12, I didn't believe in the magic of all that anymore, so for me, I am so excited to experience this through them.

Here's a quick picture of them ready to make the long drive to Florida. See you )with way too many pics to share I'm sure) in a little over a week when we get back!

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  1. Hope you have a wonderful time. I will be praying for your safety and that your family is blessed during this wonderful holiday season of love. ;)