Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Little Passports Review with some Averi Humor

We opened up our first A & N product for review today. Averi received her package from Little Passports before we left for spring break, but we just now had time to open it up and explore what was inside. She was pretty excited about the suitcase that everything came in. I read her the opening letter from Sam and Sofia; however, after we explored the items in the suitcase more she was disappointed to hear that she wasn't really going on an exploring trip with them. I think she was ready to go pack her suitcase and go off on an exploring adventure.

Nate and I love to travel, and I think she's going to share our love for it so to tell her it was a pretend activity was a bit of a letdown to her five year old self. However, she quickly got over it and took off with her sister on a "exploring the world" excursion. "Let's go, Kenz. Time to go explore the world," she said. She later came up to me and told me, "Now, Mom, when we go to the store and stuff remind me to get my suitcase and map because right now I'm pretending but later I want to really explore the world."

A pretty cool world wide map was also included in this first delivery. I laid the map out on the table for her and showed her where we lived, where Nene and Papa, and Nana and Grandma Lorraine lived. She could then see when compared to the whole world we're really not that far apart. I also pointed out to her all the countries her and dad I would love to visit one day.

From there, I went over some of the questions in the passport that came in this first box. One of the questions was countries she'd like to visit. She must have been overheard me talking to my mom the other day about wanting to go to Hawaii for our tenth anniversary in a couple of years. I had also mentioned that we were torn on whether to make it our first no kid trip. That must have perked her little what I thought was non listening ears because right after I asked her that question, "Hawaii, Mom!. I want to go to Hawaii for real." I'm guessing "for real" means she's stressing that she has no intention of being left behind on any possible future Hawaii trips. She was really into stressing the differences between real and pretend with this. This is obviously a little blurred though because her second place she chose to visit was the North Pole :)

Even though she was disappointed she wasn't going on a real world exploring adventure, she was definitely into the suitcase, stickers, and map that came with this first package. There is also a boarding pass in there with a code to get online and complete activities using the map. The way Little Passports works is each month a delivery comes with activities to complete as they learn about the world on their world map that comes with the first delivery.

This activity would be too small for Kenz, but I think Averi is the right age. Any kindergarten through grade school student could benefit from these monthly learning activities. This would be a great resource for homeschooling, and unfortunately, as our education system has become more and more focused on just reading and math subjects like geography are being left behind so it'd be a great at home learning activity.

A subscription to Little Passports would make a great birthday gift the school age child in your life or order one for your own school ager.

PS. Now I will be listening to Averi talk about Hawaii all night. I hope when she goes there "for real" that I'm going with!

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