Thursday, April 24, 2014

10 Annoying Things Post Motherhood

Life is definitely different after we have kids. I've been in this new role called mother for a little over five years now. Here's my list of annoying noticeable life changes after motherhood.

10. Opening the tiolet lid finding abandoned "potty" from hours to the night before still in there

 9.My back and hips will never be the same (as well as those tummy stretch marks) If I lay in bed past eight o clock my lower back and hips will hurt for half the day. I blame this on birthing two children. We know what else they do to our body that is never the same but I wasn't expecting the lifelong backache.

 8. My sex life. I think this is kind of self explanatory. I know we're all getting older and all, but if children are not making doing the deed mission impossible, they're zapping all our energy.

7. Being able to pack for a trip the night before rather than the week before.

 6. My boobs. I know we can workout and eat better to fix those other areas birthing children rearranged but how do you fix what they do to your boobs!?

 5. Being able to eat my dinner without getting up ten times to get something.

4. Being able to go to the bathroom ALONE without a personal attendant.

 3. To be able to move quickly without peeing myself. 

2. To sneeze without peeing myself.

 1. Being able to burst out laughing without peeing myself.

 However, even though I may miss these things, I wouldn't trade these days for those daysbefore I even knew these so called problems existed. What annoying things would you add?

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  1. Loved this post, I almost peed from laughing not sneezing! :-)

  2. So many of these are so true. I miss bladder control......

    I also miss being able to pick up the phone without somebody desperately needing my attention RIGHT NOW!

  3. This is great! lol And so true! Glad i found you on BloggyMoms latest posts!