Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I found another blogger doing this last night and told myself then "oh, I should do that tomorrow," and today is not quite over yet so I still have time. And after my little rant on my previous post, guess I better make up for it now. All this crazy moodiness making you feel sorry for my husband yet?  "I hate you! I love you!" All right so here goes.

My husband: I am definitely thankful for him because I'm crazy and he puts up with it! Go him! And hopefully we'll get in a way overdue date night this month.

My older mommy readers: Oh my God, I love  you. You deal with my crazy emotional rollercoaster mommy hormones and cheer me on, give me advice, make me feel better, and you still come back and read me when I'm sure you've shaken your head at me a few times.

My mommies in the trenches with me: You are right here with me with the joys, the stress, the anxiety, the frustrations, the laughter, all the little baby milestones we all want to celebrate and cherish and all those moments we can't wait for them to outgrow.

Today: I soooo soooo enjoyed staying home with my girls today. It was a gorgeous 70 degree day and we didn't do anything special but we just hung out and played and that was special to me. You should be glad I'm not home everyday though because I had time to write not once but twice with naptime and bedtime.

Our life: Even when I'm incredibly stressed out like I've been, I'm so very thankful for this life with my husband and girls. I'm thankful for this house that I still can't believe we finally were able to get and that we're going to raise our girls in. I'm thankful for all the time in the summer that we get to spend together. We have our health, we have our jobs that provide us enough to get by, we have our family and friends, and we have love and faith. And for all of that I am thankful every day.  I will thankfully "embrace the chaos" and "enjoy every day for the perfect mess that most of the time this life is" (advice from two of my readers)
.                                                             My family! Love them!

I'm linking up with There's just one Mommy for this Thankful Thursday.

Oh, and I am so thankful tomorrow is Friday!

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