Thursday, May 9, 2013

The things I didn't know about motherhood

Some momma thoughts as we head into Mother's Day weekend. Before motherhood began I know I had all these flowery, sweet, romantic ideas about what motherhood would be like (and it is like that at times and I'll write about that later) but for tonight we have the things I didn't think about before I began the journey of motherhood.

1. I didn't know I would let all decency I have go out the window and  let a roomful of strangers see my who ha because I just wanted that baby evicted!

2. I did not know that another's boogers would bother me so much that I would dig in another's nose myself just to get that stubborn booger out.

3. I didn't know that if there wasn't a kleenex around I would be totally okay with wiping snot with my bare fingers.

4. I didn't know when discovering my constipated baby was still trying to poop that I would be willing to pull a turd out of someone else's butt.

5. I did not know I would "wear" body fluids like puke, urine, and poop all at some point and sometimes out in public for way longer than I would have liked.

6. I did not know I would be watching cartoons so much I would dream about strangling some of those annoying little characters in their sleep.

7. I did not know that the long anticipated athletic debut of my child would be quite so painful to watch.

8. I did not know that one day was I going to not just realize I really am a mother but that I am MY MOTHER saying and doing all those things she did!

What did you not realize about motherhood?

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  1. That is hilarious! I have had many eye opening experiences similar to those. One thing that I wish people had warned me about was the need to wear shoes when throwing a "Mommy Tantrum". I have (twice) bruised my foot kicking ride on trucks in a moment of rage.

  2. Thanks for visiting and reading, Katie. The "mommy tantrum" and danger of self inflicting wounds definitely needs to be on the list.