Sunday, September 22, 2013

Getting our Bake On

Don’t let the pictures fool you. I have not become a pinteresty domesticated mom. Not going to happen. In fact I’ve told my husband multiple times I refuse to be domesticated to the point of cooking, sewing, crafting, or even being fashionable. I’ll just be content being the renegade mom. In a time of desperation I can boil water for spaghetti; I even made tacos the other night when my husband wanted to go hunting after work and we were both quite impressed with me actually not burning anything or setting off the smoke alarm. I will get out a needle and thread to sew on a button or fix a hole, but trust me nobody will be coming to me to be a seamstress. My mother on the other hand should start her own online esty shop. She’s phenomenal with a needle, thread, and sewing machine. Now that I’ve found stress relief by returning to my hobby of writing, I keep trying to encourage her to sew again. My idea of being crafty is grabbing decorations out of the party section of the local Walmart. Fashion. Haha! My husband thinks I have way too much tomboy from my youth left in me.

I told the girls this weekend we would bake. And bake we did. I have always baked cookies and brownies with the girls probably since Averi was two. All this extra weight I’ve put on post baby is probably not from the babies themselves as much as from our mom/daughter baking time. You bake it, you should eat it, right? As you can tell from the pictures, we love to eat the batter. Yum, yum. But before you salmonella people start freaking out, brownie batter is awesome to eat before you put the eggs in. I’ve seriously contemplated just sitting on the couch and eating that for comfort (recall my brownie comfort addiction here with Did you Shave your Legs for This?). However, the problem with eating the batter before you put the eggs in, it seems to make the brownies more cake like because I guess it throws the balance of ingredients off. Maybe next time after we eat half the batter we’ll just throw in one egg rather than two. So if you’re someone who never eats the batter because of salmonella fear, seriously try this. It’s good. It will make you feel better about life.

After they did some simple baking with mom, they did some hardcore baking with Daddy with all those apples we picked last week. My husband went to culinary arts school for a year when he first got out of high school, and I am not exaggerating when I say the man is an exceptional cook. People come here to visit with food requests of what they want him to make. We actually met at the restaurant where we was a cook and I was a waitress and people would ask if he was the cook because they had special orders that they would place such as “Nate’s wings”.

So we spent our Saturday evening as a family, baking apple pie and something he calls a bird’s nest which is similar to homemade strawberry shortcake, just with apples instead of strawberries. It was a good family night at home. If I was a real food blogger I'd leave you with a recipe but I have no idea how exactly to make this. Maybe I'll have Nate guest post sometime (I keep asking him to) but if you want a real food blog check out this one. She's awesome.

Here’s some of our apple baking with our brownie baking warm up Saturday:

                                                    I have to lick up this last drop off the table, Mom.
                                                   Steeling apples.

                                               My manly husband getting his bake on.

                                   She pretty much rolled around on the flour covered table.
                  Yes, this is the fourth outfit she put on for our baking experience; hence all the laundry I seemed to always be washing.

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  1. Sounds like a great way to spend family time. Birdsnest...Nathan's Grandma used to bake this all the time..great memory! Love the

  2. Baking as a family can create some great memories! Your girls are adorable with their brownie batter faces. Must not waste chocolate.

    I totally eat batter with raw eggs. It is so yummy!