Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Thanks for growing with us

Since April I have been trying to build my blog by reaching and keeping readers by hopefully writing stuff that those readers think are worthy enough to share through their own social media networks. I do have a purpose for all of this that I have also been working on since April. Blogging I am learning is really another small business opportunity through the wonderful world wide web.  Just like most small personal businesses though it usually takes a lot of time and effort. I'm thoroughly enjoying what I'm doing here though so I'm content to just write with really not much purpose at times. Most times I'm just a rambling fool getting things off my chest about the journey of motherhood or whatever else troubles me.  Even though at first it may seem like I have little to offer the blogging business since I am not a crafty person, can't cook worth a darn, don't do reviews or offer giveaways, and try to avoid telling people how to parent I have slowly established a readership and those readers in turn are starting to share my sometimes insightful and sometimes comical posts through social media. As a mom blogger it's really hard to find your own voice. There are A LOT of mom bloggers and under that umbrella there are so many different types of mom bloggers. I've always liked to be different than everyone else rather than like everyone else, but the internet shows you that it really is a pretty big world out there. As original as I try to be, my philosophies, humor and sarcasm at times, as well as my insight to things do mirror others. So even though I may not be as original as I would like to be, I am still striving here to create my own voice. In the meantime,  it's those readers that have stuck around and keep coming back for more and more of my variety of posts that I want to thank. Seriously, you have no idea how much I appreciate you. I've always loved to write but this is the first time I've ever really written for an audience. It's awesome. I LOVE the connections I have been able to make or reestablish.

I hope you continue to stick around and see what I have coming. I do not think you will disappointed. I have had several recent shares on facebook or other social media discussion forums, and thank you so much for helping me reach more readers and broaden my audience.  As part of the blogging world, I have also recently received three different awards on top of the two I previously received. These awards are given from blogger to blogger as a way of recognizing one another and helping them promote their site because they feel there's something worth reading on the site. So first I want to mention the three bloggers that recommended me for an award.

The three blogs that recently nominated me for an award are:
Second Mommy
Glori Online
Yay Baby

I love to read all three of these, especially Glori, who is also a working mom of two little kids. So I hope you can take a chance to check them out. I'm kind of stepping out of the box on how we're suppose to handle these nominations. I'm going to skip the questions this time but I would still love to take a minute to share some of my favorite blogs. Some of these might be repeated from my previous award nominations but that's because I love to read them every night before bed.

Foodie in WV (I am not a food blog kind of person but I read her so definitely worth checking out)
Country Bunkin Mama (I miss the simplicity of country life and she reminds me to enjoy the simple things. She's definitely one of my favorites)
Yvette's Life and other Stuff (Her kids are older but I love her been there, done that insight)
Domesticated Breakdown (I love following her military mom journey)
Life Imperfected & Grover's Corner (my wonderful coworkers that got me back into writing)
Diary of an Angry Pregnant Lady and Worst Mother of the Year (they do funny and sarcasm better than me so if you like funny and sarcastic be sure to check them out)
Southern Mess Moms and Growing Up Madison (they offer lots of reviews and giveaways so check them out)
There's Just One Mommy (I enjoy reading about her and her two little ones)
Mommy's Rambles (her stories make me laugh and cry)
Road Trip the World (this so mirrors what I want my kids to experience with my love for traveling)
Life Where's the Handbook
Rosels Mom Diary (she's a working mom of three girls that offers lots of helpful parenting tips)
Mama Musing (she just had her fourth baby and her first boy-it is possible)
Hot City Cool Mom (another good giveaway and review site)
Myth Busting Mommy (the title kind of says it so an interesting read)

If you're a blogger and regular reader drop me a message here sometime with your link so I'm sure to check you out.

Also, if you are on social media I have listed below a list of some of my most popular posts that readers have enjoyed. If you've already read them and liked them I hope maybe you can share them on your social networks. At the bottom of every post, there's a small icon to share posts you enjoy on facebook or google +. If you haven't read them I hope you check them out and can share your favorite on one of your social networks. Thank you again for helping me grow in my small little corner of the blogosphere.

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As always thanks for reading :)



  1. Aww thank you for the mention. We really appreciate it. I like when you said you've been trying to find your own voice and being different. It's what I wanted for Growing Up Madison as well. Sure I could have gone the typical mommy way and did it from my point of view, but since this is all about Madison I wanted it to be told through her eyes. There aren't many toddler bloggers out there and I'm happy we went the different route as well. You're almost at your 6 month bloggerversary and we'll be here to celebrate it with you. :)

  2. It took me a while to find my voice too. I think that is the hardest part of blogging is finding were you fit in. I really do appreciate the mention, you're a sweetheart :) I wish you lots of success in your new blogging adventures!