Friday, September 27, 2013

Why as a working mom I sometimes don't like Fridays

Everybody loves Friday, right. I do too, but Fridays are no longer the head off to Happy Hour, drink and eat with friends until around 10, and go home and pass out for the night. Is it that I miss that? Not really. To still go do that every once in awhile would be nice, but that's not why sometimes I come home Fridays feeling defeated rather than excited.

When I get home on Fridays this is what I see

I see the impatient, tired, and cranky mom and wife that I am because it's been a long week of 8-10 hour work days, evening activities, maybe an hour of downtime a night, and hopefully seven hours of sleep a night. My battery is on low; therefore, I'm short on energy and patience.

I see the dirty clothes all over the bedroom floors and falling out of the hampers, I see the dishes from at least a night or two ago still waiting to be washed, I see the clothes in the washer and dryer that have now been sitting there for days, I see the smeared toothpaste all over the bathroom, I see unmade beds, I see the empty fridge and cabinets which means we're in dire need of a grocery trip, I see the pile of mail that needs to be sorted, I see the bills that not only need to paid but a budget that needs to reexamined, I see toys litering the floors of about every room, and what I see is it's Friday and now all the work I have to do at home because it barely gets touched during the week. For me as a working mom, there's still one more day of work left. If I want that to be a half a day, then I usually try to tackle something Friday night so I have Saturday afternoon and evening along with Sunday as my "off" time.

I know some would say those things are unimportant and yes they are but in reality, if my house does not get cleaned up it could lead to the unsanitary point, if I don't go to the store we're not getting fed, if I don't get our clothes washes we're going to be going naked, and if I don't sit down to look at the bills and budget then none of it will matter because we might be living in a box. It has to get done so for me that sense of freedom that comes at the end of the week doesn't usually kick in until midday Saturday when I'm done with work for the week and my job as housewife is complete.

Work is for the work week, housework is for the first part of the weekend, and the last part is for me. From Saturday afternoon until Monday morning, it's my favorite time: family time. Aside from maybe folding a load of laundry and doing the nightly dishes, it's quality family time doing things together that we enjoy or just simply enjoying each other without all the other stresses that can sometimes consume us Monday morning through Saturday morning. On Saturday and Sunday nightI usually get to relax with Nate, catching up on any shows we missed during the week.

So I'm glad it's Friday but I'd enjoy it more if my house didn't resemble a college party house minus the beers (toys instead of beer I suppose), if my laundry wasn't climbing the walls the piles are so high, and if my fridge was fully stocked. I keep wishing for a fairy godmother but I think I'm going to be waiting awhile. Averi is starting to help with the clean up on Saturdays so that is actually pretty helpful.

Working moms, how do you fit in the housework with a full time job and little kids?


  1. I totally get how you feel. If I want any "me" time, I sacrifice the house or the dishes or the laundry or sleep to get it. Last night I was in bed by 9:30... I wanted to blog but I knew for my own sanity for the rest of the weekend, I needed a full night's sleep.

    I guess the answer to your question, is I don't really do it all. I pick and choose each week what gets left off the list. Laundry is always a must, but whether or not I mop the floors or actually vacuum is up for debate. :) My little man is growing up too... so he's starting to pick up his toys so much better.

    As tired as I am, I love it. But it does sometimes get the best of you..

    Hope you get to relax some this weekend!


  2. Oh how I feel your pain!! I wish I had a solution to share with you.

  3. Found you on bloggymoms! Housework is way back-burner for me. Its the last thing I want to do if I have a free minute! Usually left for the hubby.