Friday, February 28, 2014

Our letter to our Averiella

Our princess Averiella,

Five years ago we rushed off the hospital nervous but excited for all the changes that were going to come to our life when we brought you into it. When it comes to try to explain to you how much you mean to us, how much we love you, how much you've brought into our lives, words just aren't enough.

As strongly as I feel about the power of words and as much as I am a lover of words, there is much truth to the saying our actions speak louder than our words. I wish you could remember seeing the love that was clearly evident on your dad's face when he first saw you, how seeing you for the first time brought tears to my eyes. I hope somewhere deep in your memories you remember those soft snuggles in that rocking chair that I don't know how I'm ever going to part with once I no longer have babies as that rocking chair in the dark corner of both your nursery's beside the moonlit window is where I have always found the best way to slow down and freeze those precious moments with your infancy and toddler days.

I often wonder how far back your childhood memories will go. It seems like our school days are what we remember of our youth when we're older and turning five marks the beginning of those days for you. I wonder if you will remember your first date. You were almost three years old and your dad took you to see one of the latest Disney movies. Honestly at this point the two of you have gone on too many father/daughter movie dates for me to remember which one was your first.

I'm sure we'll have many mother/daughter shopping trips but at about four years old even though I'd leave your baby sister with your dad for a shopping trip I loved your company and so the trips together began. You'd try on clothes that didn't fit you just because you thought they were pretty and made you look like a princess. I remember the first time we went about year ago. How I wish I would have brought a recorder because now I don't remember what you said, but I remember how you had me laughing so much with your endless chatter.

Even though in five years we've taken you to more places than you'll remember, it's not so much the places I wish you could remember but the enjoyment we all found spending our days together on vacations to beaches, mountains, and family and on a variety of other day family field trips. We found so much joy in rediscovering the world through your eyes.

You remind us every day of life's beauty. Not because you're beautiful, which you are, but it's the beauty of your spirit and who you are on the inside already as just a little girl that reminds us of true beauty. Countless times you have just stopped us in our tracks with your actions, with your wonder, and your discoveries. Your love for people and the world around you is something I pray as you grow and learn more about the world never disappears. You have such a big heart, and even though I suspected it from the beginning, it became so apparent when we brought your little sister into our lives. You are such a great big sister and model to your little sister. You love people and love to help. Even from the very beginning you've been quite the social butterfly, luring people in with your big all seeing dark brown eyes and infectious smile.

Five years have gone in a blink. Even though we don't think of five as a milestone the same way we do 1, 13, and 16, I see it as one. It is the one where you leave behind the pre school years, where all your innocence resides, and move forward into the school years and the influences of the world  that exist outside the little bubble we've held you. This new world will enlighten you and open new possibilities to you. Your dad and I have studied too much psychology as educators but supposedly a person's personality traits are molded within them in the first six years of life so I hope your dad and I have done a good enough job molding and nurturing you these first five years of life that you're ready for the big world of kindergarten and beyond that awaits you.

We believe in you and you, our girl, are destined for great things.


Mommy and Daddy

     Six weeks old

                                                      Learning to love the Steelers
                                        Visit to PA to spend a Fall weekend with Daddy's family

Your first of several trips to the zoo. DC National Zoo here.

                                                             Wanting to celebrate St. Patty's Day
                                                    Getting ready for your first O's game
                                                            Your best bud, Bettis
                                                           Love helping daddy cook

                                                                The mischief look
                                                               The sweet and innocent look
                                                         Welcoming your baby sissy to the world.
                                                       Sisterly love from the beginning

                             One of my favorite of you and daddy in Baltimore's Inner Harbor

                                                                    Your face says it all
                                                            Carnival Rides
                            Definitely one of those just enjoying watching you kind of moments

                                                                Averi the performer

       So much happiness for life

                                 You and daddy on the pier over the Atlantic as a storm was coming in
                                             I hope you always continue to dance, daughter


  1. What a heart touching post! The pictures of your family show a lot of love and happiness even without the words!!!


  2. Angela, beautiful post. Your daughter will look back on the pictures and letters..she will see how much you all love her. I take photos, and keep a journal for my daughter. -I hope that when she's older she can go back and truly see how much we love her. I wish they didn't grow so fast, I just enjoy the now, and make it the best. Lovely photos, you captured everything so beautifully.