Friday, April 10, 2015

Don't Wait for the Perfect Pitch

When we were growing up on that beloved ball field I often reference of my childhood my dad always taught us to not wait for the perfect pitch to come across the plate. You’d be waiting a long time and miss your opportunity to make something happen to change the outcome of the game if we spent our at bats waiting for that one perfect homerun pitch. We were told to make something happen with what the pitcher threw at us, and it was always better to strike out swinging than watching and waiting on our pitch that may never come.

The lessons in life I’ve come to see aren’t much different than the ones I learned on that ball diamond. My sister called me yesterday, excited for a great career opportunity my brother in law had hoped for years ago that didn’t come to pass until now. However, now in some ways it will be step backwards at first. We’ve been in her shoes at least twice; where something we’ve hoped for happens but we worry about the timing of it with the financial strain. The thing I learned is sometimes we will have to move backwards in order to move forward. Just like that perfect pitch the perfect moment for the opportunities we’re hoping for rarely comes at the time we plan for them to come.

Things have a funny way of working out though; not to say they may not be a struggle in the meantime. I know they can make this happen for them and am excited to see what they do with this great opportunity.

Life is just like stepping onto that ball field. Come to play, be aggressive at the plate, and remember it’s not always about if you win or lose but how hard you played. And as my dad always said, “You better play it with a lot of heart.”

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  1. Very True. You'll miss out on a whole lot of life if you sit around waiting for everything to be perfect. Thanks for linking up. #BigTopBlogParty