Thursday, March 19, 2015

I'm My Worst Mom on Thursday

Did you know Thursday is probably my least favorite day of the week? In fact when it comes to work days, Monday is probably one my favorites because it's usually a lower stress day.

By Thursday I am done. Overcooked like a damn turkey. Four nights in a row of  fighting with a sleeping toddler that thinks she needs to sleep upside down on top of the covers has probably limited my actual sleep to about five to six hours a night. My Mary Poppins patience has expired by Wednesday sometime so between dealing with other people's children all day and then my two the rest of the day, I have little tolerance for people in general, particularly miniature people that cry and whine a lot when they're tired.

I am short with my children by Thursday. I don't feel like taking care of my house anymore by Thursday. I don't have the energy or desire to go out and play with them like I did earlier in the week. Then I feel guilty for just wanting to be alone or do nothing. Then because I'm tired, out of patience with the human race, and now feel guilty I'm just incredibly grumpy sometimes by Thursday.

It was when at the front counter of ordering pizza tonight when I snapped at my daughter in what must have been my "I'm over this week" voice and my husband told me to chill out and check myself that I realized "man, I'm a real bitch by Thursday."

I've hated Thursday for a long time because I always feel my worse at that point, but it wasn't until tonight that I realize how much I let the exhaustion of the week put me in the running for worst mom of the year. Or maybe just the week. But just for Thursday.

I feel like a good mom on Monday and Tuesday. I think the kids still think I'm a pretty good mom on Wednesday. Friday we're all like zombies, including the kids, so that's like a dead day so we won't count that. Saturdays, well I guess it depends on if it's a fight or not to get everyone to help with the Saturday morning chores. But my Sunday I'm on my way back to feeling like superstar mom.

Are there certain days of the week that you feel like you bring  your A game to motherhood? Then other days of the week that you just don't got it that day.

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  1. Those bad days rear their ugly head any day of the week. I wish they were reserved for a certain time because then I can combat them better. My bad days seem to coincide with lack of sleep and lack of personal time.

    I hope the weekend charges you up for more good days!