Friday, March 6, 2015

Pressing Pause

We all lead lives that are sometimes, maybe too often, too busy. Our lives are no exceptions  between work, stuff around the house, activities, our social lives, and everything in between that comes up sometimes I feel like we're living life on fast forward.

Then God gives us these little gifts called snow days. Snow days are life's pause button. We get to lay in bed later giggling and wrestling with the girls. We get to make breakfast or more like brunch by the time we get to it. We go outside and play together as a family or we spend afternoons cuddled together on the couch having "family movie time" as Ave calls it. Even though the house gets picked up and a load of laundry washed and folded, there's no big hurry to get it done in the hours between the end of work and dinner.

Tonight we went out tubing in one of the parks right as the sun was setting. We were the only ones there, tubing down the big park hill. As I listened to my daughter's laughter as she raced down the hill on the tube with her dad and the sun disappeared in the horizon, I thought days like this are God's gift to us to just pause life for a moment.

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  1. I feel the same way about snow days! Except for the sledding. I really hate the wet mess, a lot!