Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Just Want to Hold On a Little Longer

This is it. After months mostly at home with my kids and completely out of our "normal" since I went on bed rest at the very end of February our six month break from that normal is coming to an end.

There are many things I'm excited about with the upcoming Fall professionally and personally, but I just want to hold onto right now a little longer. I love being there every morning when my kids get up whether it's now in the summer or back during the end of the school year when I'd get to walk my daughter to the bus stop every day. I love being able to cook them French toast any day that we feel like French toast; I still haven't mastered how to not burn the pancakes. I just want to hold onto being there in the morning with them a little longer.

Even though the girls do fight more now than they ever did they can also play so well together for hours on end. I love watching their imaginations and creativity come to life. Even in the moments when they turn my whole staircase into a tripping hazard for their pretend school bus. I can't even count how many times I just watch them and just say, "you're just so cute right now." They're going to outgrow this innocent imaginative world. I just want to hold onto it a little longer.

The baby is already three months old. I love that he kicks his little legs in excitement now when he sees me. Oh, and I can just sit in that rocking chair with his sweet small little body curled against my chest without a thought to being anywhere else in that moment. There's no rush; there's just me and him. I just want to hold onto those fleeting moments of his infancy a little longer.

Spending my days watching the love between the three of them continue to grow has to be one of the greatest joys of parenting. The girls want to be a part of taking care of him and he just soaks up any attention they'll give him. I just want to hold onto these days of watching their love blossom a little longer.

It's so true what they say about these years going so fast. They will outgrow their childhood before I know it. I just want to hold onto these days home with my children in these wonder years of their childhood a little bit longer.

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