Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Supermom Test

I recently read an article about supermom being a myth, and she is. Or we're all just supermom. Either way I have this fun little list of supermom powers that will show that we're all supermom or supermom in the making.

1. Eyes in the back of our head: Do you know when your children are up to no good even when you're not looking at them? Mine are so convinced I have eyes in the back of my head my oldest once asked me if it hurt when I grew the eyes in the back of my head when I became a mother. Nine months of pregnancy and 30 hours of labor, yes, I would say it definitely hurts growing those eyes in the back of our head.

2. Superhuman hearing: Do you know how your children are up to no good when they're trying to be super quiet. We can pick up those quiet noises they think they're not making (or we all just know silence is never a good sign, right?)

3. Power of being a master juggler: Your juggling act puts that circus clown with the three balls of fire to shame right. You cooked dinner, took care of the kids, did a load of laundry, and did a better job than the clown at not burning anything, right? (I may have to work on this one as I have burnt and created a few small fires in my juggling acts but maybe you have this one down)

4. Invisibility: Everyone wants the power to be invisible, right? Mom has it. She takes care of everything and everyone the majority of the time. However, it appears she must be invisible for the lack of notice she gets sometimes.

See we are all supermoms because I'm pretty sure we have some, if not all, of these things on this list mastered.


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