Saturday, July 6, 2013

Capture those summer memories with photobook and printing deals!

I was very excited to learn this past week that I was accepted for an affiliate partnership with the Tiny Prints company. Their other products are also Shutterfly, Wedding Paper Divas, and Treat.

There are probably three favorite hobbies I would say I have a very strong passion for. One which is of course reading and writing. The other two would be photography and traveling. I will also shortly have some offers coming for low price 3 day vacations soon which I will share more about later with another company I'll be working with, but for now I'll focus on my love for pictures. When I say I love photography, I don't necessarily mean professional photography because I am not a very good photographer, but I love to take pictures nevertheless and because I also have a weird obsession with organizing I love to organize my photos. People all the time would tell me how pictures just end up in a box and maybe years down the road will be looked at again. I think some just kept waiting for me to give up my obsession with organizing the crazy abundance of pictures I love to take. But nine years later I am still going strong with my obsession.

It is through companies like Tiny Prints and Shutterfly that have made it easier for me though as life has gotten busier. I am always a little slow to catch up on technology and waiting at the photo kiosk at Target or Wal Mart with two kids in tow for my pictures to print was almost a strong enough deterrent for me to give up my photo obsession. But printing through Tiny Prints and Shutterfly not only made it easier for me to print my pictures, but I've also found it cheaper and a better quality. Along the way I've also started creating seasonal photo books to capture all our family memories. There are countless other products, such as greeting cards and gifts, which I have also used for my Christmas cards and personal gifts.
I am sure many of you possibly already use Shutterfly or Tiny Prints, but now as an affiliate partner with them I can keep you updated on coupons and deals. I hope if you're interested in capturing those family moments you will visit my site and click on one of the banners that will always be to the right to submit your order.

I've been reading and seeing everyone's vacation photos online so I hope you can take advantage of their deals this week to either print your photos or create a photobook to savior these precious memories. Click on any of the links below to get started.

Tiny Prints:
Wedding Paper Divas:


  1. I wish we were taking a vacation this summer. Maybe in the fall :) I love taking vacation photos!

  2. I love shutterfly. I've been using them for quite a while. I love the deals they usually have. Didn't know about the other 3. Thanks for sharing.