Sunday, July 28, 2013

I always wonder if the mom nap is worth the destruction

I decided earlier today I was having a lazy Sunday and taking a nap. As soon as I laid Kenz down, Nate went downstairs to work on photos, I set Averi up with a movie, hoping she'd go to sleep too, and I laid down on the couch for my much anticipated nap.

I rarely take naps but when I do I tend to sleep for two or three hours. Unfortunately, Averi doesn't nap at all. Honestly most of the time we don't want her to because then she won't go to bed at night. She is pretty good about having quiet time for an hour and half or so though with a movie, her leap pad, or books. Guess three hours was asking a  little much. It's like I'm in a coma when I go to sleep, and I guess she forgot to go search for her dad downstairs. It was like this perfect moment for some Averi mischief.

I dreaded going from my nice sleeping bliss back to the realities of motherhood. It's always like this slow raising of the eyelids, where I'm scared to see what destruction has erupted while I decided to step off the clock for a bit. As I've said before, Averi is pretty good kid. She listens, rarely throws fits, is a huge helper, but sometimes she takes her independent, helping ideas a little too far.

Today was no exception. I woke up to find the books and colors thrown all over the living room floor, which is no big deal and typical. But then I decided to get off the couch and check out the rest of the house. Looks like she decided to help her sister and her to a snack of yogurt, which is now smeared all over the floor. But then I saw their rooms. She rearranged their furniture! I've put most of their toys since we moved down in their playroom in the basement to cut down on the toy messes, but I guess since there weren't toys to drag out all over their rooms, she decided furniture was the next best choice. All of Kenzi's furniture is now all shoved under her window, as is Averi's minus the dresser, which unless she becomes Hercules she's not moving (but it is Averi so I wouldn't be surprised).

Guess another couple months before I attempt this mom nap thing again. Long enough for me to forget this incident and think I can pull it off.


  1. Oh boy do I remember those days! And the kids NEVER go look for dad--How do they do that? :)

  2. Whoops! The comment above is from me, but it's my old blog that I shut down. Oh, I just liked your Facebook page today. I thought I'd already done that but I guess I missed it.

    1. Thanks :). Why is that that they never look for dad?

  3. I so can relate! Whenever I try to nap even for a couple of minutes my two boys literally destroy my house. I will wake up with my husband having completely destroyed the kitchen while he made lunch and my boys having toys everywhere :)

  4. I would so love to have an uninterrupted nap! Wouldn't that be blissful? This is Dean of Little Steps =)

  5. Oh I am sorry your house post nap was a mess. Naps with more than one child seem impossible most of the time

  6. Maybe you have a budding interior designer! :) I have never been able to nap during the day unless I'm sick, kids around or not. I wish I could. Hope the mess isn't too big a clean up!

  7. When my husband is home he gets up on weekends with the kids and my house is always trashed when I get up, but I love sleep so I am always willing to clean for awhile to get a couple extra hours of sleep lol
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  8. Omg, I'm like 100% sure when we have another little one, we will be going through something similar. We only have one right now, and we try to nap when she naps.