Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The people motivator

This post is dedicated to you. Yes, all of you who do so many great things and inspire me into trying to be better at something. Now the great thing is as much as I hate you all sometimes because you show me ways I can be better, this also means I must be really good at connecting with some pretty awesome people (and there is a range of you of all different ages) so I'll pat myself on the back for staying connected to you.   I don't think of myself as a lazy person so I tend to connect with very unlazy, highly motivated people.

Many of you everyday show me how to be a better mama because I see how you're such a great one, some of you inspire me with your ambitions to take on a side small business on top of a teaching career (everyone I see that's doing this is also a teacher) and everything else you seem to balance so flawlessly, some of you are people I've never met in person but have encountered in the blogging world and the wonderful support system I have found it to be, and then there's the older, been there, successful moms and wives that I just idealize because you reached the end of the road (or you're almost there) in the balance of marriage and raising kids (I don't mean this as in you're old but that you're kids are almost grown) and you've done it so beautifully with all the wonderful values I hope to hold onto and instill in my kids.Many of you inspire and motivate me everyday to be better because you're so darn good at what you do.

I could write a dedication post to soooo many of you who I think are fantastic women and mothers, but there's one other group of highly motivated mommas I see out there that got me started on this post in the first place. Those are the runners and die hard workout people. Oh, how I admire you too. You have to feel so good about yourself, and some of you two and even four babies later look AMAZING. Moms want your body. We may not say it outloud and even though we claim to proudly wear our tiger stripes of birthing children, I'll admit I wish I could have babies and have the amazing figures some of you have. Now because I know you, those that I'm thinking of, I also know you work really hard to maintain that healthy fit look and feeling. Looking and feeling the way you do is not without sacrifice, and I have really sucked with following through with any kind of workout plan since I've added motherhood to my multitasking list four years ago, so for now you're my current motivation.

After my envy of you facebook moms that look great, I still have more friends that are like me, not the barbie doll figure, and they're signing up for 5 Ks and getting on workout plans. Go you and good for you! But damnit you're making me think I need to get my butt off the couch. So all of you combined are making me feel bad about myself and making me want to do better about getting healthier and in shape. I know myself too well and know I will probably fail at this again, but now I'm dragging two of my coworker blogging friends Sarah at Grover's Corner and Emily at Life Imperfected with me on this next mama journey of mine to get more fit.This way when I fail again maybe I can blame them.  Haha. I'm hoping by calling us all out right in cyberspace it'll be my motivation for the three of us to motivate one another and stick to it. I know I just wrote about not being a quiter but when it comes to getting in shape and healthier I tend to be a quiter. I haven't stuck with it yet in four years so starting in August we'll see how long I last this time. Wish me luck! And thanks and no thanks (just kidding) fellow mommies for making me always want to do better.

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