Friday, July 19, 2013

Pink Zebra: An opportunity for your home to smell awesome and for extra income!

I have a dog whom I love and adore. He's been with us since the first Christmas Nate and I had together; he'll be nine in November so he's getting kind of old. Unfortunately, he's one of those dogs that stinks to high heaven. Man, does he smell sometimes! It's so bad, it can overtake my house. You walk in my door and you're hit with the awful stench of aging dog. I feel bad for my puppy but I also feel bad for my reeking house. I wasn't about to get rid of my dog so I tried these sprinkles that Pink Zebra, a new home fragance company, and ahhhh, finally a clean, fresher smelling house again. Best of all I can keep my dog because with their wonderful scents you don't smell my dog anymore when you walk in my house. I currently have the summer berry and farmhouse cider scents.

This is also a great company that I am considering joining. If you're looking for side income to supplement a blog like some of us are, or side income for those fun things that a regular salary can't seem to afford anymore this is also a great income opportunity. Pink Zebra Home is the newest company in home fragrance! The company is ground floor and they provide unique, consumable goods! They have 100% soft soy wax (Sprinkles) that burns cleaner and have more essesntial oils so the smell lasts longer. With over 51 scents and 400 hours of burn time per jar, you can mix the Sprinkles to make your own unique scent, make candles out of them, or just leave them in a vase with flowers. The possibilities are endless! They also offer all natural reed diffusers that last for 3-5 months that come with a plastic top to put back on when the scent isn't as strong, so no touching the reeds, just flip it over and rewet! We also have soaps and lotions in several different scents. Pink Zebra Home is a great direct sales company to join that is still under 8,000 consultants across the nation? You can learn about their great products and income opportunties  at or email your questions to my consultant directly at

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  1. I might need to check them out. I have dogs as well and although they're only allowed downstairs I can smell them anytime I have to go down there, even before I see them. Febreze doesn't too much of a job where they're concerned.

  2. We have three dogs and one of them also is a little stinky :) I am always looking for new ways to cover up the dog smell!

  3. I hear ya' about the stinky dog! Our little house holds a huge Chocolate Lab. Also a cat (= litter box) and a parakeet (well, there's odor there but I'm not sure where it comes from ;-> ). Love our pets, just wish there was a wonderfully scented Scratch-and-sniff on them.

    Thank you so much for stopping by the Virtual Girls Night Out! Cheers!

  4. For those of you interested in trying Pink Zebra, I have both a cat and inside dog! I put the Sprinkles in the bottom of my cat box and trash cans and it helps quite a bit. Also, I have my warmers going 24/7 for great smells and no pet smells! Seriously, check out my website at and get yours today :)