Sunday, January 12, 2014

The True Love of a Sister

One of my closest childhood friends just welcomed her second baby girl into the world a few days ago. Even though I am always happy about everyone's newest addition, something about hers brought a nostalgic smile to my face.

I know what she's in for and even though at times her two girls will fight and claim they hate each other, she is about to watch true love unfold in one of its purest forms. She has a brother, and they are very close, and I'm sure brother to sister and brother to brother share a love similar to sister to sister. I just don't know anything about those relationships the same way I do about the love of a sister though. I am the oldest of three girls and now with two girls of my own, watching the love unfold between two sisters has definitely been one of the most memorable things in my life. Just as true love between a man and woman can stop a person in the tracks, so will the true love you see grow between your two children.

The adoration they will each have for another is enough to stop you in the midst of cleaning or folding laundry to just appreciate the unconditional love two people can have for one another.  You can see the way the oldest adores the youngest in the gentle way she always wants to help take care of her and how she patiently shows her how to do new things so she can be a big girl like her too. You can see how the youngest adores the oldest in the way she looks up to her for guidance, help, and trustingly believes her in everything she tells her.

The bond they will form after hours of playing house, puzzles, in the snow and rain, laying in bed together reading and giggling will assure you that you gave each of them the best gift you ever could aside from your own unconditional love for them. You gave them a best friend for life. You gave them a friend that will be there to understand them when no one else will. You gave them someone that will know them at their worse and still love them the same as they always have.

I took both girls to see Frozen a few weeks ago, and this is by far one of my favorite Disney movies. Hope you've seen it because I'm about to give info away but I love how it isn't the true love of a man that saves the girl but the true love of her sister.

As I've found myself with sisters, as they grow and make the journey to fall in love and move on with their lives, it will be the listening ear and words of a sister that will understand and help them each find their way through the rough patches of the other relationships or obstacles they'll navigate in life. When there's no else to confide in, there's always a sister who knows them, understand them, and always accepts and loves them even in the moments they're wrong or lost.

So to my friend I say congratulations. You are about to embark on an incredible journey as you watch the love of two sisters grow, but hang on because I can almost guarantee you the ride will be a little wild at times.

                                                              Love at first sight

                                                         Just a little rough sissy love
                                                       Picture taking with these two at its best.

                                                       Help! She put me this in box!
                             "I'm totally trusting you on this, big sissy. Hope you know what you're doing.
                                               Love this look between them.
                                                I will go wherever you lead me, sister.

                                                               Sister slumber party
                                Oh, sissy, I love you, even when you're telling me to get away.

                                             Don't worry, Mom, we got each other's backs.

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  1. Your daughters are lucky to have each other a friends (and occasional enemies) for life. Siblings teach us more than we know....Oh, and the photo where the little one looks like she's biting the bigger one i the tushy is priceless!