Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Random Thoughts in My Head

Thought I would share some random thoughts in my head. I know who really wants to go there, right?  And when I say random they're pretty all over the place.

1. Where the hell are all our dress socks? I've washed most of the laundry and none of our dress socks have made an appearance since sometime last week.

2. Why do I even utter the words "What is THAT smell!" When I know it's either the dog, the fumes from the bathroom, or some dirty diaper?

3. Was a dirty diaper abandoned in here? I often wonder this when I walk in Averi's room. Why does it smell so weird in there?

4. Can my kids mispronounce things for the rest of their lives? It's such comic relief. How are these not funny?
         "Daddy, there's a deer. You can shoot it with your boner (bow)!"
         "Can we have cock (cotton) and candy again?"
         "First of gall (all), Mommy."

5. Why can I only currently think of three funny Averi mispronunciations when there seems to be so many in a day? Sorry, I only remember the horrible sexual ones. Honestly, we don't use the words boner or cock in our house so it's just a total mispronunciation.

5. Why don't my girls grow some butts? Poor Kenzi has wandered around with her bare butt hanging out and her too big of pants without a diaper on around her knees or ankles half the night.

6. How long can I hide in the shower before someone realizes I'm missing and finds me?

7. My poor dog. Is he going to make it through the winter? :(

8. I wonder if I did the math what the average per day would be for Averi's wardrobe changes?

9. Why don't I have the patience to improve my tech skills to help expand my reading audience? There is so much technology to learn with maintaining your own blog writing website. I've gotten  great responses and feedback to my writing as I've tried to reach a bigger audience but the tech work required to keep reaching more is more than my prehistoric brain can master at times.

10. Will my kids ever not be so loud?

11. Why do people have to be haters?  Or put others down and question their choices and lifestyles? Or even criticize them to guilt them into giving up or changing their ways? Why do we even want people to think like other people or ourselves? Where's the individuality in that? Just saying.

12. Truth is losing someone you love just plain sucks. Today is my cousin's dad's birthday, which would also make him my uncle.  He passed away almost 20 years ago. I follow a few blogs of people handling grief , and I've worked with countless students who have to go through losing parents and friends. Most of the time I look for the rainbow in the rain kind of thing, try to make things easier with pretty words, but truth is losing someone you love just flat out sucks. Kind words help but it doesn't change the fact that there's pain that will never go away.

13. I think I'm having PMS today because I'm just in a mood.

14. Hope my readers come back after this Ang has gone off the deep end ramble of tonight.

15. With all of that, may tomorrow be a better day!

So what random thoughts do you have floating around in your head?

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