Friday, June 24, 2016

10 Down and 5-15 To Go

With just a half a pound to go by Sunday I should be down 10 lbs in 10 weeks. Course that cookie I just ate isn't going to help! Hoping to get rid of this last half a pound before we take off on vacation this weekend because then my goal will be to just hope I stay the same throughout the week rather than losing another pound! I imagine I won't be self conscious about my eating and even though a jog on the beach sounds nice I doubt I'll get in my minimum three workouts that I've been getting.

So how did it go these past 10-12 weeks? I started working on my eating habits the first of April so at the very end of my pregnancy. For five weeks I did pretty well with cutting out the sugar and junk which was my primary goal with my eating. Then my family came to town and I thought oh I'll get back on track after they leave. But that one week kind of turned into about four. Whoops. When I went back to work I've done better again for these past four weeks.

Working out for the past ten weeks has gone pretty well. I've worked out every week for 3-5 times a week. Those workouts each week have included a combination of workout videos or my couple mile trek on the road behind the house. We also started adding in an evening family walk after dinner some nights which I don't count as one of my workouts but I push the baby in the stroller while my husband and the girls ride their bikes so it's a nice little extra physical activity.

I will be home the whole month of July so my goal is to hit the working out part pretty hard then. For those four weeks I want to get in five workouts a week and more of the videos rather than the miles/jogging. The videos will be more beneficial in toning areas like my arms than getting in miles behind the house will. I'm also hoping to be more on point with my eating those four weeks too. My weight goal is five pounds for the month of July. Because with five more pounds I will be back to what I was four years ago after having the two girls before I gained 25 pounds from my thyroid/depression phase and baby #3. My big hopeful goal was to lose another ten pounds on top of that to get back to what I was before any babies! We'll see where I'm at at the end of July.

Once I hit August my primary goal is going to be to maintain first with our two week vacation to MO and PA to visit our families and second to just have consistency with 3-5 workouts a week and cutting back on the sugar and junk when I return to work. If I could maintain some consistency with workouts and better eating habits in the Fall then maybe I can eliminate those last ten pounds to reach my goal around the holidays. But in all honestly losing those last ten pounds when I return to work in the Fall is not going to be my priority.

Being able to balance doing a good job at work (not just showing up) and the two older kids and their activities and needs with the demands of an infant again that has Doctor appointments every single month for the first year of his life with the ten hours a day gone from home with work and a two hour roundtrip commute, keeping my sanity and staying in my happy place is my number #1 priority, and working out I know does help me with that.  The working out at that point will be more for the mental benefits than any weight loss benefits. Me happy and confident in all aspects of my life again is my ultimate goal not reaching a new number on the scale so we'll see where I get by the end of July and shift my focus some then. Wish me luck and motivation 🤗

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