Thursday, June 9, 2016

To My Girls in Writing Their Story

I want great things for my girls' futures. Like most parents even though I know it's impossible I want their life to be as easy as possible. I want them to always be happy and to somehow magically miss having to suffer through those tough moments we all will encounter at different times in different ways, but that is not life. In more cases than not it's in the hard places we either put ourselves in or find ourselves in that we grow the most and that can make our life story the memorable story it was meant to be.  I can't write the story that will be their life; only they can so my dear daughters here's what I want you to remember as you write the story of your life:

Most importantly remember you are the lead character and writer of your own story. You may not control all the plot events that unfold but you do control your character in how you handle it and in the end you decide how those events contribute to your story.

Even when you hit the hard places of your life story fall in love with your story. It won't be a perfect story. It was never meant to be but it will be the overcoming of the struggles, the getting back up when you fall down, the pushing through when you feel like quitting that will make your story the grand story it can be.

There will be easy moments; there will be hard moments. But embrace what is your story and don't waste time envying others' story. Cheer others on through theirs; find inspiration in theirs but write your own story. You can and will be inspirational in your own way.

When the going gets tough; when you think there's no other way for the story to go don't quit on yourself; don't settle because you doubt or fear taking the story where you want it to go.

Go after the things you want. The things that will make your story great won't just come to you. The greatest things worth having require the most work.

Celebrate the great achievements and milestones hit but don't be surprised if it's in those simple moments of nothing grand that you realize you're living the story you've been waiting for because one day you will find yourself standing where you've been headed all along.

I know you'll write a great life story. Can't wait to watch it unfold.

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